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GraduateFIRST Featured in National Spotlight Brief

GraduateFIRST was the focus of the first Spotlight Brief published by the Student Performance and Achievement (SPA) Priority Team of the Regional Resource Center Program (RRCP).  Key components of GraduateFIRST were reviewed and outcome data were shared documenting the positive impact that the project has had on improving graduation rates of students with disabilities.  The brief also included a listing of lessons learned based on several years of implementing effective evidence-based strategies designed to improve graduation rates.  

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Attendance-Did You Know

Did you know that missing one day a week of school from K-11th grade is the equivalent of missing five semesters of schooling?

Did you know that just being half an hour late to school each day from K-10th grade is equivalent to missing nearly six marking periods or three semesters?

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Teachers Make a Difference-John Hattie


Professor John Hattie's, Teachers make a Difference, explores the difference between experienced teachers and expert teachers.  It is the latter that can really influence student learning.

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