GraduateFIRST Featured in National Spotlight Brief

GraduateFIRST was the focus of the first Spotlight Brief published by the Student Performance and Achievement (SPA) Priority Team of the Regional Resource Center Program (RRCP).  Key components of GraduateFIRST were reviewed and outcome data were shared documenting the positive impact that the project has had on improving graduation rates of students with disabilities.  The brief also included a listing of lessons learned based on several years of implementing effective evidence-based strategies designed to improve graduation rates.   Click her to access a copy of the document.

The Spotlight Briefs, which highlight selected promising state and local-level practices, are disseminated to State Education Agency personnel, national technical assistance providers, and staff from the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.  Congratulations to GraduateFIRST for being included in the very first brief!