About Early Intervention Autism

The SPDG Autism Early Invervention Project is partnering with the Marcus Autism Center's Educational Outreach program, which is dedicated to the provision of community viable models of professional development that enhance the on-site capacity of each system served, resulting in better outcomes for children and their families.  The project focuses on disseminating the most current social nueroscience relted to the socia, communication and emotional development in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).   Normative social and emotional frameworks provide a mechanism to enhance the provision of educational programming for all children by creating a universal design for learning (UDL).  A particular focus is planced on financial sustainability and reducting the impact of disparities created by socioeconomic status and geographic location (i.e., urban vs. rural) by supporting the development of internal coaching teams and utilizing web-based learning for ongoing mentorship.  Additionally, the program is designed to engage a multidiscilinary audience as a means to build capacity within each system for in-service training, coaching, and peer-to-peer mentorship using focus schools sites within the system as a mechanism for building capacity.


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