Choice Maker Self-Determination Curriculum


ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum

The ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum is now available for download at no cost!

The ChoiceMaker Curriculum consists of three strands: (1) Choosing Goals, (2) Expressing Goals, and (3) Taking Action. Each strand addresses teaching objectives in three transition areas: Education, Employment, and Personal. ChoiceMaker lessons are designed to be infused into existing school coursework programs. Because the "Choosing Goals" and "Taking Action" modules can be used with a variety of content, they can be used in either general education or special education classrooms. The "Self-Directed IEP" module is designed for use with students receiving special education services.

Each of the lesson modules includes the teacher's manual and student workbook. "Choosing Employment Goals" and "Choosing Education Goals" also include reproducibles that align with the lessons. There are also videos depicting students utilizing methods taught in the ChoiceMaker Curriculum modules.

Click here to access the ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum.


NOTE: The Choice Maker Curriculum is a research based and developed by Dr. Martin and his team at the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment at the University of Oklahoma.  This announcement was shared with us by the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition funded through the Office of Special Education Programs.  As a reminder, please review all materials prior to using to ensure they are acceptable for student viewing and confer with your district.