About College and Career Readiness

Utilizing funding from the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), the Georgia Department of Education has developed the College and Career Readiness  Initiative to further support school districts in their efforts to implement compliant, high quality transition practices that lead to improved graduation rates and postsecondary outcomes for students with disabilities.  Successful transition planning for students with disabilities is essential to prepare them for college, career and independent living.  IEP teams, including students, parents, school personnel, and other agency staff develop transition plans that are customized to meet the unique post-school goals for students,  Efffective development and implementatin of these plans are supported through the use of evidence-based transition practices, and the CCaR initiative focuses on these practices.

The College and Career Readiness Initiative (CCaR), which is offered in collaboration with the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) and the Transition Coalition at the University of Kansas, includes a range of activities that are designed to improve transition planning and services for students with disabilities in middle and high school.  Schools districts are selected for participation in the CCaR Initiative based on district data on State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report Indicator 13:  Measurable Secondary Transition Goals and Indicator 1:  Graduation Rate.  Personnel from the selected districts will receive professional learning, coaching, and resources to support them in developing compliant transition plans and implementing evidence-based transition practices. Those districts that do not have substantially compliant transition components of IEPs will receive intensive support related to conducting transition assessments and developing effective transition plans.  Those districts with compliant IEPs, but low graduation rates, will receive professional learning and technical assistance that focuses on the implementing evidence-based transition practices.  Districts with low performance in compliant IEPs and graduation rates will receive support in each area. 

State Core Transition Specialists (Cores) will provide leadership for the initiative and will support up to six regional College and Career Readiness Specialists (CCaRs) in providing monthly  professional learning, coaching, and monitoring in participating school districts.  Initiative staff will collect fidelity of implementation and outcome data.

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