Jenny McClintic Makes Houston County "AFIRE with ASPIRE"

Dr. Jenny McClintic, Program Specialist, for the Houston County School District has been the guiding force behind Houston County’s district-wide implementation of the ASPIRE Initiative. Through her efforts over 1100 students grades Pre-K through high school have participated in the ASPIRE initiative. Dr. McClintic has included all teachers and school based therapists in ASPIRE. She has created a culture that cultivates a renewed sense of individualization, more appropriate accommodations, stronger relationships with students and families, and IEP meetings that are celebrations of the students they serve. Students are more successful in school and celebrated for their self-advocacy and use of self-determination skills. The district has adopted the Hot Tamale candy as a reward for students and teachers demonstrating their commitment to the ASPIRE initiative. Houston County is "AFIRE with ASPIRE.

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