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This article looks at the concepts, the historical roots, and the scope of gamification. The term Gamification has its roots in terms like game and game-based learning. Moreover, there exists a strong relation to the psychological background of playing, of using game elements and game mechanics.

What is gamification?

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. A Complete Elaborative of Gamification. Behnaz Mahmoodzadeh. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Behnaz Mahmoodzadeh b. Given this wide acceptance of gaming and the emergence of the internet, people have become more open to game mechanics in other parts of their lives.

Many different activities that people do today incorporate game mechanics — things that you might not think of as games at all. The importance and efficiency of Games on engrossing users are so clear. Nevertheless of efficiency of gamification, researching on this term was disorganized. So it seems that surveying these researches and collecting them as a specific research will be useful. Against this view, human-focused design, records that stockholders of each processes, besides of their emotions and desires, want to know the reason of that process.

Game creation industry was the first field which employed human-focused design. With these in mind, the term gamification becomes an important concept in information technology.

Further, information and concepts will be improving by growing the level of the game. Thus, if players play more, then their tendency for engaging the game will be increasing and also their knowledge will be improving. Likewise, relationship between players causes to value creation, knowledge production and solution discovery. It can be said that creating a gamify environment, with all above attributes, in several platforms such as production field, servicing and tutorial environment, is the main and fundamental objective of the term gamification.

The most important differences were shown in table 1. Table 1: Differences between Game and Gamification 3 Game Gamification Gamification may just be a collection of task with Games have defined rules and goals. Losing may or may not be possible because the There is a possibility of lose the game. Gamification being intrinsically rewarding is The main objective of a game is just playing. Games are usually hard and expensive to build.

Gamification is usually easier and cheaper. Content is usually morphed to fit the story and Usually game like features are added without scenes of the game. As this study said before, gamification comes from gamify not game, and based on table 1, these alterations are completely recognizable. Likewise with the help of this framework, various parts of game creation process researching, designing, implementing and test can better interact with each other.

MDA is an abbreviation of three important layers of each game in some manner that these layers are not independence and they impress each other. The most important samples of statics are excitement, challenges and exploring. In addition, these elements run several mechanisms, namely behavioral mechanism, controlling mechanism, motivated mechanism and such like.

The concept of gamification has been introducing at and , but the term gamification has been presenting at albeit was completely unknown until However the term gamification has only been a recent addition to our vocabulary. Before the term existed many designers and researchers were already exploring the role of play and fun in computer applications.

There are several researchers who emphasized the role of game in computer applications before the concept of gamification. This aspect redounded to create several successful applications based-on funology on Although these applications have formed as video games, but as shown in diagram 1, they led to improve the attention to gamification as a useful method.

The term gamification became a remarkable concept in and great companies, such as Bunchball and Badgeville, have presented several platforms based-on that. Zac Fitz-Walter, Also several research and news about gamification on the net 8 www. Albeit some ones have used it a lot, others doubt its efficiency.

These challenges afforded to some disagreements between researchers. Researchers of the realm of information technology, have been focusing on designing some systems based-on the term gamification and also have been trying to extract its elements. Despite of these similar concepts, gamification have been became an important concept in the field of information technology. It seems necessary to review these similar concepts briefly, but remember that most of these concepts are based-on games and this is the most important different between them with gamification.

Anyway, this study has ignored this different to illuminate the term gamification and its importance. Afterward, several theories, such as game theory, introduced and computer scientists have been studying these theories.

Applied concepts, namely hedonic attributes22, pleasurable products23 and funology24, have presented by maturity of those theories. These researches had 12 www. Hall, J. Ferrara, J. Dignan, A. Priebatsch, S. Blythe, M. Whereas these issues produced some problems, thus several wide studies have been occurred. Some other researchers tried to solve these problems, namely Korhonen, Montola and Arrasvouri. At last Costello and Edmonds have produced pleasurableness assessment framework by integrated enjoyable creation experience and studying on video games, which has estimated games in 22 levels of pleasurableness.

Also Computer-Human Interaction institute has been attracted to video games and their effect on human from The above mentioned issues led computer scientists to the term gamification. In so far as, gamification will be becoming a collegiate course expectantly.

There are several various definitions of the term gamification. Thus, researchers need a comprehensive and uncomplicated definition. Also, remember that game is different with fun too. Ritterfeld, U. Deterding, S. Where playfulness denotes the experiential and behavioral qualities of playing, gamefulness denotes the qualities of gaming. Thus, gamefulness restricts a coherent set of phenomena that is both distinct and has received little focused attention, so far, which provides a meaningful extensional ground for defining gamification.

Analytically, gameful design and gamification frame the same extension of phenomena through different purposeful properties. The complicated fact about this issue is that this boundary determines based-on observations and completely depends-on players and their teamers.

Besides, note that adding a simple rule or sharing a specific aim with users, is going to exchange a mere game to a purposed gamified application. Juul, J. Barr, P. McGonigal, J. This leads directly to another question: Which elements belong into the set of game elements? This method leads game designers to elect appropriate elements which are found in most but not necessarily all games and they are absolutely associated with games and found to play a significant role in gameplay.

Games and Culture. Consalvo, M. Reeves, B. Also, graphic engines and authoring tools of video games are also regularly used for non-entertainment purposes, namely, scientific visualizations, 3D environments and fan art. When surveying the existing literature on games and gamification, we found that such game design elements were identified on varying levels of abstraction.

All of these levels should be included in the definition. Ordered from concrete to design, five levels can be distinguished which are shown in table 2. Table 2: Levels of Game Design Elements Level Description Example Common, successful interaction design components and design Game interface design patterns solutions for a known problem in a Badge, leaderboard, Level context, including prototypical implementations Commonly reoccurring parts of the Time constraint, limited resources, Game design patterns and mechanics design of a game that concern turns gameplay Evaluative guidelines to approach a Game design principles and Enduring play, clear goals, variety of design problem or analyze a given heuristics game styles design solution Conceptual models of the MDA; challenge, fantasy, curiosity; Game models components of games or game game design atoms; CEGE experience Game design-specific practices and Play-testing, play-centric design, Game design methods processes value conscious game design As can be seen in table2, this level model distinguishes interface design patterns from game design patterns or game mechanics.

Although, these levels relate to the similar concept pattern but each level can be implemented with many different interface elements. So to restate, whereas serious games fulfill all necessary and sufficient conditions for being a game, gamified applications merely use several design elements from games. Seen from the perspective of the designer, what distinguishes gamification from regular entertainment games and serious games is that they are built with the intention of a system that includes elements from games, not a full game proper.

However, it is reasonable to assume that entertainment currently establishes the prevalent expected use of games. Non-game contexts which have been using gamification include several sections, namely, social section, historical unit and some deal, cultural segment. Firstly, the advantages of gamification are more than these purposes. Secondly, the murkiness of the discourse on serious games can be directly linked to the fact that some authors initially tied the term to the specific context and goal.

Some researchers have argued that games themselves can be gamified, which producing meta-game platforms such as achievement systems. Anyway, as noted, non-game contexts which can be gamified are so superabundant. Note that these contexts can be selected from various fields with different purposes. Then again, in this section the meaning of capability is indeed, the whole specific attributes of gamification which known as the infrastructure of gamified context.

In this section, this study has reviewed these two types of theories.


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They are the building blocks that can be applied and combined to gamify any non-game context. Mechanics are the most visible part of gamification and tend to be the primary focus of most gamification projects. We like to think of game mechanics as paints in an artist's palette. We cannot create great art just by adding many colors to our picture, unless we also have an artistic vision, talent, and training to begin with. Similarly, successful application of game mechanics depends on a well-designed gamification strategy built on a good understanding of the player, the mission, and human motivation. In this chapter, we present a curated list of game mechanics that may be used as building blocks and combined in strategic ways to achieve the positive engagement loop in your application.

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PDF | The use of digital games and gamification has demonstrable potential to game engines which increasingly allow immersive, engaging, and visual content to be created The basic different between actual games and gamification.

A Complete Elaborative of Gamification

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Gamification is rapidly becoming to the 21st century what sex was to the 20th century - the mechanism of choice for driving behaviors and marketing to the masses. A boon is a favor of some kind, in this case a magic one. Many teenagers with CF express that they will have fun and enjoy on a patient s health, but their quality of life and compliance with therapy.

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How To Use Gamification In 2019: What Works And What Doesn't?

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We use cookies to analyze website traffic and to enhance your experience. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Visit our privacy policy page to learn more. The goal of gamification is to engage with consumers, employees and partners to inspire collaborate, share and interact. Gamification works by providing audiences with proactive directives and feedback through game mechanics and game dynamics added to online platforms that lead to the accomplishments of business goals and objectives. Examples may include points, levels, missions, leaderboards, badges and progress.

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Gamification and Game Mechanics-Based e-Learning: A Moodle and demonstrated that game mechanics elements made the educational process video and multimedia content creation and building basic static websites.

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Gamification and Game Mechanics Made Simple by Patrick Chapman

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6. Chapter 6: Mechanics

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