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There is still room to establish a methodology to optimise marine propellers, considering design requirements of the vessel, and match it to an electric motor. The method proposed herein consists in an optimisation whose objective function is power required in the electric motor shaft, and design variables are the parameters of Wageningen B-screw series propellers. A differential evolution optimisation algorithm was programmed in MATLAB environment to assess a number of propeller designs.

Analysis of the 3D zone of flow establishment from a ship’s propeller

Marine Propellers and Propulsion - J. Carlton [, PDF]. Propulsion technology is a complex, multidisciplinary topic with design, construction, operational and research implications. Drawing on experience from a long and varied career in consulting, research, design and technical investigation, John Carlton examines hydrodynamic theory, materials and mechanical considerations, and design, operation and performance.

Connecting essential theory to practical problems in design, analysis and operational efficiency, the book is an invaluable resource, packed with hard-won insights, detailed specifications and data. Contents Table of Contents: 1. The early development of the screw propeller 2. Propulsion systems 3. Propeller geometry 4. The propeller environment 5. The wake field 6. Propeller performance characteristics 7. Theoretical methods - basic concepts 8.

Theoretical methods - propeller theories 9. Cavitation Propeller noise Propeller-ship interaction Ship resistance and propulsion Thrust augmentation devices Transverse thrusters Azimuthing and podded propulsors Waterjet propulsion Full-scale trials Propeller materials Propeller blade strength Propeller manufacture Propeller blade vibration Propeller design Operational problems Service performance and analysis Propeller tolerances and inspection Propeller maintenance and repair.

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Ship's steam and gas turbines. Marine composites - design and performance - Graham-Jones J. Introduction to Naval Architecture - E. Tupper [, PDF]. Tupper, K. Rawson [, PDF]. Raven [, PDF]. Ship Theory. Ship Construction, 7th Edition - D. Eyres, G. Bruce [, PDF]. Hydrodynamics of Ship Propellers - Breslin J. Marine Engineer's Library. Marine Pumps. Purpose-built ships.

Marine Propellers and Propulsion Second Edition_JS Carlton_2007

The ship propulsion technology is a really multi-disciplinary and very complex technical. This publication by John Carlton, who is the a recognized expert in the field, was specifically prepared and published with the ultimate intention of the writer to bring together the whole wealth of technical information collected from the industry and to provide readers with the very comprehensive and max full coverage to assist the naval architects plus marine engineers though will be equally useful to any person with the interest in ship propulsion and associated hydrodynamics-related issues with all required knowledge that would require to perform their duties well. It goes without saying that this is maybe the most complete publication available on marine propellers today. Moreover, note that it has been seriously revised and significantly updated by the author; he has also added several completely new chapters addressing the ship propulsion in ice conditions and also high-speed ones. All these factors have made the book very popular within the industry. The "Read Later" function allows you to add material to this block with just one click. Just click on the icon and read the articles that interest you at any convenient time.

Marine Propellers and Propulsion. Second Edition. J S Carlton. Global Head of MarineTechnology and. Investigation, Lloyd's Register. AMSTERDAM • BOSTON​.

Marine Propellers and Propulsion

Although the propeller lies submerged out of sight, it is a complex component in both the hydrodynamic and structural sense. This book fulfils the need for a comprehensive and cutting edge volume that brings together a great range of knowledge on propulsion technology, a multi-disciplinary and international subject. The book comprises three main sections covering hydrodynamics; materials and mechanical considerations; and design, operation and performance. The discussion relates theory to practical problems of design, analysis and operational economy, and is supported by extensive design information, operational detail and tabulated data.



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