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research papers of capital structure and profitability in pdf

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This study examined capital structure and profitability of manufacturing firms listed on the Nigerian stock exchange.

Capital Structure is an integral and important part of financial management having long term consequences. This research study attempts to investigate the association capital structure has with profit after tax to sales and extent to which it creates the impact on it. Long term debt to equity ratio, Interest coverage ratio, Long term debt to total assets ratio and Fixed assets to total assets ratio are taken as control variables. The study encompasses Indian steel sector companies for decade. Appropriate statistical techniques have been used for analysis and better dependability of the results.

Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability of Select Paper Industries In India

Regression analysis is used in the estimation of functions relating the return on equity ROE with measures of capital structure. With regard to the relationship between total debt and return rates, the results show a significantly positive association between the ratio of total debt to total assets and return on equity. The research suggests that profitable firms depend more on debt as their main financing option. Abor, J. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Whilst major indigenous local developers are among the largest and the most profitable in the world, their contractor counterparts are generally small and nowhere near as profitable. An analysis of financial data suggests that gearing is generally higher among contractors than developers. However, it does not mean that contractors borrow more than developers. Indeed they do not need to borrow as much as developers even if they have the assets to pledge as collateral. Contractors do not have to pay for high land costs, and they obtain project finance from developers through interim payments in lump sum contracts that are widely adopted in the industry. Their high gearing reflects more their low equity base than high level of debts. This conclusion is substantiated by further regression analysis of the data.

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The effect of capital structure on profitability: an empirical analysis of listed firms in Ghana

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Funding combination is the most important issue for the companies while they know the amount of required capital. Companies should be careful regarding the appliance of financial providing methods compatible with the investment strategy of company and profitability. This study seeks to examine the relationship between the capital structure and the profitability of pharmaceutical companies in Iran. For this purpose, top 30 Iranian pharmaceutical companies defined as study samples and their financial data were gathered for the period of In this study, the net margin profit and debts to asset ratio were used as indicators of profitability and capital structure, respectively and sales growth was used as a control variable. Results showed that there was significant negative relationship between the profitability and the capital structure which means that the pharmaceutical companies have established a Pecking Order Theory and the internal financing has led to more profitability.

Capital Structure and Profitability of Manufacturing Firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

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A Study of Capital Structure and Profitability of Indian Steel Sector Companies

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Capital structure and profitability of the property and construction sectors in Hong Kong

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Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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The Relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability

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