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difference between package and interface in java pdf

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It organizes classes into single unit.

Interface vs Abstract Class in Java: What's the Difference?

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Java Package

The main difference between package and interface is that a package is a collection of related classes and interfaces while an interface is a collection of fields and abstract methods. Package and interface are two main concepts in Object Oriented Programming based languages such as Java. A package has a set of associated classes and interfaces. An interface has a set of fields and abstract methods. A package is a group or a collection that consist of related classes and interfaces. There are two types of packages in a programming language.

Another unique feature in Java is Packages. Packages are containers for classes that are used to keep the class name space compartmentalized. By organizing the users classes into packages, their reusing to write other classes are easier. This Chapter is for getting a lesson of Interfaces and Packages. Interfaces in Java An interface in Java is essentially a special kind of class. Like classes, interfaces contain methods and variables; unlike classes, interfaces are always completely abstract. Let us first take a look at the general form of an interface definition.

Package in Java is a mechanism to encapsulate a group of classes, sub packages and interfaces. Packages are used for:. All we need to do is put related classes into packages. After that, we can simply write an import class from existing packages and use it in our program. A package is a container of a group of related classes where some of the classes are accessible are exposed and others are kept for internal purpose. We can reuse existing classes from the packages as many time as we need it in our program. Package names and directory structure are closely related.

Interface in Java

The -d switch specifies the destination where to put the generated class file. If you want to keep the package within the same directory, you can use. How to run java package program You need to use fully qualified name e. Simple etc to run the class.

An interface in Java is a blueprint of a class. It has static constants and abstract methods. The interface in Java is a mechanism to achieve abstraction.

Packages and Interfaces both acts as a container. The content in packages and interfaces can be used by the classes by importing and implementing it correspondingly. The basic difference between packages and interfaces is that a package contains a group of classes and interfaces whereas, an interface contains methods and fields. Interfaces is a group of abstract methods and constant fields.

What is the Difference Between Package and Interface

What is Package

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Difference Between Packages and Interfaces in Java

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