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concept and process of micro teaching pdf

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Click on image for details. Microteaching as a vehicle of teacher training--its advantages and disadvantages. Users online:

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The idea of micro-teaching originated for the first time at Stanford The name of micro-teaching was coined for this method of developing teaching skills in Reductionist: teaching is more holistic 5. Lesson 13 teaching with visual symbols Patrick Jordan Paz. In micro teaching, skills are viewed one at a time. K The questioning skills should also help the teacher to facilitate pupils to reach a good understanding of the core points.

We can define micro teaching as a sort of specialized training technique that provides appropriate opportunities to the pupil teachers for the practice and development of some specific teaching skills by organizing teaching it its micro form- miniature in terms of class size, time duration and content to be covered. The use of micro-teaching technique in reference to the teacher education program adopted in our country may prove advantageous on account of the specific features and characteristics inherent in this technique, such as. The micro-teaching procedure adopted for practicing teaching skills in our teacher Micro teaching is a method which enables teacher trainees to practice a skill by teaching a short lesson to a small number of pupils. Usually a micro lesson of 5 to 10 minutes is taught to four or five fellow students. A supervisor, using an appraisal guide, usually rates the lesson and then discusses it with the teacher trainee, where closed circuit television cctv is available the appraisal guide may be redundant. This lesson is also rated by the supervisor and then analysed and discussed with the teacher- trainee.


The art of teaching is a complex process, which is not limited to transferring of knowledge from one to another. It requires good verbal and non-verbal skills. It includes various techniques in order to transfer knowledge effectively. Not everyone can master it. With the vast growth in all sectors, effective teaching skills are in great demand. Therefore, due to this demand, the concept of microteaching came into action. It is a new innovative program for teachers, which enhances their classroom attitude and behaviour.

Micro-teaching was invented in at Stanford University by Dwight W. Allen , and has subsequently been used to develop educators in all forms of education. This was then recorded on video. After the lesson, the teacher, teaching colleagues, a master teacher and the students together viewed the videotape and commented on what they saw happening, referencing the teacher's teaching objectives. Watching the video and getting comments from colleagues and students provide teachers with an often intense "under the microscope" view of their teaching.

Medical teachers most often do not receive a special training in pedagogic techniques, as it is usually not considered necessary for their recruitment or for an efficient continued performance. Their ability to teach therefore largely depends on self training, either by trial and error while teaching or by observation of colleagues, who may or may not be helpful examples. Getting in front of students is a trying experience for a budding teacher. One may earnestly try to prepare him or herself: read books about teaching methods, attend lectures and take courses on didactics. Yet, in theory everything seems much simpler than in practice.

skills. [18,19]. THE CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK. Microteaching in medical education. The traditional medical teaching.

Microteaching, an efficient technique for learning effective teaching

Previous Contents Next Introduction. By the help of this technique, teacher candidates can experiment and learn each of the teaching skills by breaking them into smaller parts and without encountering chaotic environment of the crowded classes. Wilkinson , emphasizes that teacher candidates can experience real teaching and teaching rules with the help of this method.

Plan Templates. Geography Micro Teaching The content should fit within the time allotted. A lesson plan ensures correct and precise material for the lesson, adequate lesson summaries, and ensures a definite assignment for the class. Microteaching Lesson Plan Format How do you plan a micro lesson plan as part of a blended learning journey?

The purposes of this research are to investigate the implementation of Microteaching lesson study in promoting teaching practice and pedagogical development of the pre-service teachers in English Education Study Program. Method used in this research was case study. Data of this research was taken from interview.

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