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Jane Jacobs und die Zukunft der Stadt. Rezension von Ronald Kunze - RaumPlanung. Rezension Rainer Bohne - PlanerIn.

Peter L. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 1 March ; 66 1 : 5—

Jane Jacobs: The Last Interview

I n Donald Barthelme's short story "I Bought a Little City" , the narrator decides one day to purchase Galveston, Texas, where he then tears down some houses, shoots 6, dogs, and rearranges what remains into the shape of a giant Mona Lisa jigsaw puzzle visible only from the air. As with much of Barthelme's work, the premise seems so absurd that one can't help but shake it until a metaphor falls out, and here one might well assume that, in the words of the novelist Donald Antrim, "I Bought a Little City" is "a take on the role that a writer has in writing a story — playing god, in a certain way". But Barthelme first arrived in Greenwich Village, where he would live for most of the rest of his life, in the winter of , just as local campaigners were narrowly defeating an attempt by the despotic city planner Robert Moses to run a lane elevated highway through the middle of Washington Square Park. For decades, Moses really did play god with New York, and for anyone who ever lived within his kingdom, "I Bought a Little City', which was first published in the New Yorker, might not have seemed so absurd after all. Those local campaigners were led by Jane Jacobs, another great Greenwich Village writer. For a rigorous and polemical manual of urban planning, it achieved a remarkably wide readership, perhaps because it's such a rare joy to read a book about cities written by someone who actually seems to appreciate what makes them fun to live in.

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Author: Jane Jacobs , American -born Canadian urbanist. Along with her well-known printed works, Jacobs is equally well known for organizing grassroots. If one thinks of a city, streets come to mind. And if the streets look interesting the city does so. Secondly, there must be eyes on the street, meaning that inhabitants and owners get involved. And if the streets look interesting the city does so too, if not, neither does the city.

Wendt, Matthias. The book was published in and produced permanent changes in the debate over urban renewal and the future of cities. The Death and Life of Great American Cities is a non-fiction book written by Jane Jacobs, an American-Canadian journalist, author, and activist with expertise in urban history and theory. This guide refers to the original edition published by the Vintage Books division of Random House. The Death and Life of Great American Cities was written in and is now one of the most influential book in city planning. DOI: The first edition of the novel was published in , and was written by Jane Jacobs.

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Jane Jacobs was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Toronto. In addition to The Death and Life of Great. American Cities, she is the author of Cities.

Jane Jacobs

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