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Standard costing compares the standard costs and revenues with the actual results of the process, finds the reasons for the variances, provides information about deviations to management for taking steps to improve it. A standard costing system initially records the cost of production at standard. Units of inventory flow through the inventory accounts from work-in-process to finished goods to cost of goods sold at their per-unit standard cost. When actual costs become known, adjusting entries are made that restate each account balance from standard to actual or to approximate such a restatement.

Standard Costing: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

Five of the benefits that result from a business using a standard cost system are:. Improved cost control Companies can gain greater cost control by setting standards for each type of cost incurred and then highlighting exceptions or variances—instances where things did not go as planned. Variances provide a starting point for judging the effectiveness of managers in controlling the costs for which they are held responsible. Now the firm can investigate the cause of the excess of actual costs over standard costs and take action. Further investigation should reveal whether the exception or variance was caused by the inefficient use of materials or resulted from higher prices due to inflation or inefficient purchasing.

Standard costing is an eminent way of keeping the business costs on track. It is the process of estimating future costs and expenses and comparing them to the actual data in order to analyze how the differences can be manipulated or altered for the betterment of the company. Several budgets are prepared by all the departments of a company. All these small budgets are then put together to form a master budget or financial plan. The company maintains its costs and revenue as per the budget in order to maintain maximum profitability.

Cost control is a basic objective of cost accountancy. Standard costing is the most powerful system ever invented for cost control. Historical costing or actual costing is nothing but, a record of what happened in the past. The actual costs lose their relevance after that particular accounting period. But, it is necessary to plan the costs, to determine what should be the cost of a product or service.

Limitations or Drawbacks of Standard Costing

According to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The definition given by W. Biggs makes concept of standard costing more clear. Standard costing acts as a valuable guide to management in the formulation of price and production policies. It helps management in the field of stock pricing, product pricing, profit-planning and etc. Standard costing provides a stable and sound basis for comparison of actual costs with standard costs according to different elements separately, It brings out clearly the impact of external factors and internal causes performance of the concern. Thus, it indicates places where remedial action in necessary and how far improvement is possible in the long on the cost and run.

Objectives of Standard Costing:. To measure different operational efficiencies and check the wastages. To improve the delegation of authority and generate a sense of responsibility among the employees. To develop a cost consciousness in the employees. To presume the production costs, sales and profit. To avail the benefits of 'Management by exception.

A standard costing system is a common way to budget for planned projects, managing costs in a production run and evaluating those costs after the production has finished. This system has the benefit of giving a business hard numbers to use when creating estimates for customers. However, there are problems associated with standard costing, especially when a business is new and has no history from which to base its estimates or when a company is beginning a new production process. Before an accounting period has started, estimate the costs of a planned production process. Determine the amount of materials required and their cost as well as the amount of labor required and that cost.

Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations of Standard Costing System:

In accounting , a standard costing system is a tool for planning budgets , managing and controlling costs , and evaluating cost management performance. A standard costing system involves estimating the required costs of a production process. But before the start of the accounting period, determine the standards and set regarding the amount and cost of direct materials required for the production process and the amount and pay rate of direct labor required for the production process. In addition, these standards are used to plan a budget for the production process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Costing

Standard Costing - Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using a Standard Costing System

Standard costing:

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