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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Machiavellianism and Intimacy Attitudes in the Interpersonal Relationships. Based upon a questionnaire of 20 items dealing with beliefs about the nature of human, values and behaviours, the Mach-IV scale is a self-report 7-point Likert-type scale which assesses three distinct themes: 1 the use of deceit in interpersonal relationships 9 items , 2 a cynical view of human nature 9 items , and 3 the lack of morality 2 items.


Editorial Team. Focus and Scope. Abstracting and Indexing. Online Submission. Author Guidelines. Publication Fee. Publication Ethics. Visitor Statistics. This research aims to test causality of obedience pressure, the Machiavellian character, and the ethical decision.

It employs laboratory experiment with 2x2 between within-subject experimental designs. The respondents are students as the representative of junior accounting staff. The independent variable is the ethical decision, and the dependent variables are Machiavellian character and obedience pressure.

The result of this research shows that obedience pressure has causal effect on ethical decision. The Machiavellian characteristic gives a negative effect on the decision of the subject under high obedience pressure. Decision made under high obedience pressure and in group decision-making result in a higher ethical decision compared to the decision made individually. Whereas, the subject under low obedience pressure whether as an individual or a group experiences low ethical dilemma which results in ethical decision making.

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Order Printed Version. Indexed In. User Username Password Remember me. JDAB Template. Abstract This research aims to test causality of obedience pressure, the Machiavellian character, and the ethical decision. Keywords Machiavelli characteristic; obedience pressure; etichal decision.

Full Text: PDF. References Abdolmohammadi, M. Malik, A.

Machiavellianism (psychology)

Studies in Machiavellianism covers the various aspects of Machiavellian personality and characteristics. Traditionally, the "Machiavellian" is someone who views and manipulates others for his own purposes. This chapter text discusses the empirical findings on approved canons of social psychological reporting concerning Machiavellianism. The introductory chapters examine the relationships between Machiavellianism and measures of ability, opinion, and personality, as well as the visual interaction in relation to Machiavellianism and an unethical act. The succeeding chapters discuss the results and implications of the Machiavel study, with a particular emphasis on the measure of success of attempts to manipulate others.

Parental personality is a main contributor to parenting outcomes. However, research on parental personality and parenting or coparenting behaviour is scarce. These few studies showed that disagreeableness and neuroticism are consequently related to negative parenting outcomes. Machiavellianism is an antagonistic and socially aversive personality trait. Machiavellianism has been linked to unfavourable outcomes in several different types of relationships e. At the same time, relatively much is known about the personality functioning and personality traits of Machiavellian individuals. With regard to normal personality traits [i.

Editorial Team. Focus and Scope. Abstracting and Indexing. Online Submission. Author Guidelines. Publication Fee. Publication Ethics.

PDF | Early in the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli acted as chief political advisor presented in Christie and Geis's () book, Studies in Machiavellianism.


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q The Construct of Machiavellianism : Twenty 3 years Later


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    In the field of personality psychology , Machiavellianism is a personality trait centered on manipulativeness , callousness, and indifference to morality.

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    This study examined relationships involving Machiavellianism, the career plateau, job satisfaction and salary in a sample of commercial bank officers in the United States.

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    Studies in Machiavellianism. Book • Authors: Richard Christie and Florence L. Geis.