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cost accounting problems and solutions pdf

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In this article we have compiled various cost accounting problems along with its relevant Solutions. After reading this article you will learn about cost accounting problems on: 1. Cost Sheet 2.

financial accounting problems and solutions pdf

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SBI Bank, Kolkata - Mobile: , E-mail:- nkmitra himpub. It helps in planning and controlling of costs of products and services and also in making managerial decisions, which in turn assists in maximization of profit.

This volume is an attempt to provide the students with thorough understanding of the cost accounting concepts, methods and techniques. I have presented the subject matter in a systematic and intelligible manner with liberal use of numerical illustrations and diagrams so as to make it interesting and sustain student interest. The book has been divided into five chapters to fully cover the syllabus of BBM Bangalore.

Based on the conviction that students can really learn cost accounting by solving problems, the theory and problems approach has been adopted to fully meet all the examination needs of the students in one book.

Thus apart from well organised theory, the book has sufficient number of solved problems and illustrations and unsolved problems with answers and hints, apart from short answer questions and essay type questions. This will help students tackle examination questions with ease. I am sure this book will prove extremely useful to students and teachers alike.

I am grateful to Himalaya Publishing House who initiated the idea for this book and then produced it in this beautiful format. I look forward to feedback, comments and suggestions from students and teachers.

E-mail: aroramn59 yahoo. Contents 1. Introduction 1. Material Cost Control 2. Labour Cost Control 3. Overhead Cost Control 4. Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts 5. This int roductory chapt er provides a framework of cost account ing, explaing its basic concepts, cost classificat ions, elements of costs and preparat ion of cost sheet , etc. Types of Accounting Accounting serves t he purpose of providing financial informat ion relat ing to act ivit ies of a business.

Such informat ion is provided to shareholders, managers, creditors, debent ureholders, bankers, t ax aut horit ies and ot hers. Broadly speaking, on t he basis of t ype of account ing informat ion and t he purpose for which such informat ion is used, account ing may be divided into t wo cat egories: 1.

Financial Account ing or General Account ing , 2. Cost Account ing. Types of accounting Financial account ing is mainly concerned with recording business transactions in the books of account and prepare: a Profit and Loss Account showing the net profit or loss during the year and b Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the company at a point of time.

It is for use by management. It has been explained in detail in this book. Management account ing is the modern concept of accounts as a tool of management. It is concerned with all such accounting information that is useful to management. Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet are present ed to management by t he financial account ant. But modern management needs much more det ailed informat ion t han supplied by t hese financial st at ements. Cost account ing provides det ailed cost informat ion to various levels of management for efficient performance of t heir funct ions.

The informat ion supplied by cost account ing acts as a tool of management for making opt imum use of scarce resources and ult imat ely add to t he profit abilit y of business. It consists of principles and rules which are used for det ermining: a t he cost of manufact uring a product ; e. Cost Account i ng. Cost account ing is a formal syst em of account ing for costs in t he books of account by means of which costs of products and services are ascertained and cont rolled.

In its widest usage, it embraces the preparation of statistical data, the application of cost control methods and ascertainment of profitability of activities carried out or planned.

Cost ing is simply det ermining costs by using any met hod like arit hmet ic process, memorandum st at ements, etc. Cost Account ing, on t he ot her hand, denot es t he formal account ing mechanism by means of which costs are ascert ained by recording t hem in t he books of account.

In simple words, cost ing means finding out t he cost of product or service by any t echnique or met hod, cost account ing means cost ing using double ent ry syst em.

Cost Account ancy. Cost account ancy is a very wide t erm. It means and includes t he principles, convent ions, t echniques and syst ems which are employed in a business to plan and cont rol t he ut ilisat ion of its resources.

It includes the presentation of information derived therefrom for the purposes of managerial decision-making. Cost account ancy is a wide t erm and includes cost ing, cost account ing, cost cont rol and cost audit. These st andard costs are t hen compared wit h act ual costs and differences bet ween t he t wo are analysed and t he necessary correct ive act ion is t aken. Cost audit is t he applicat ion of auding principles and procedures in t he field of cost account ing.

Ascert ai nment of cost. This is t he primary object ive of cost account ing. In ot her words, t he basic objective of cost accounting is to ascert ain t he cost of products and services. For cost ascertainment different t echniques and syst ems of cost ing are used in different indust ries. Cont rol and reduct i on of cost. Cost account ing aims at improving efficiency by cont rolling and reducing cost. This object ive is becoming increasingly import ant because of growing compet it ion.

Gui de t o busi ness poli cy. Cost account ing aims at serving t he needs of management in conduct ing t he business wit h ut most efficiency. Cost dat a provide guidelines for various managerial decisions like make or buy, selling below cost , ut ilisat ion of idle plant capacit y, int roduct ion of a new product , etc.

Det ermi nat i on of selli ng pri ce. Cost account ing provides cost informat ion on t he basis of which selling prices of products or services may be fixed. In periods of depression, cost accounting guides in deciding t he ext ent to which t he selling prices may be reduced to meet t he sit uat ion. Measuri ng and i mprovi ng perf ormance.

Cost account ing measures efficiency by classifying and analysing cost dat a and t hen suggest various st eps in improving performance so t hat profit ability is increased. In order to realise t hese object ives, t he dat a provided by cost account ing may have to be re- classified, re-organised and supplement ed by ot her relevant business dat a from outside t he formal cost account ing syst em. The t wo syst ems rest on t he same principles concerning debit and credit and have t he same sources of recording t he t ransact ions.

But cost account ing is much more det ailed t han financial account ing. This is because in financial account ing profit or loss is ascert ained for t he business as a whole whereas in cost account ing det ailed cost and profit dat a for various parts of business like depart ments.

This is explained in t he following example : Suppose a company is manufact uring t hree products — A, B and C. Under financial account ing and cost account ing t he following t ypes of st at ements are prepared.

Under Fi nanci al Account i ng. This is revealed by cost account ing. Under Cost Account i ng. A det ailed st at ement is prepared as follows : Dat a of above Profit and Loss Account wit h furt her assumpt ions. When management gets t his informat ion, it should invest igat e to find out t he reasons of loss in Product C.

If Product C cannot be made profit able, its product ion should be stopped to improve t he overall profit pict ure of t he company. However, t his t ypes of informat ion is not revealed by financial account ing.

Top 14 Cost Accounting Problems With Solutions

On the due date, B approached A for renewal of the bill. Principles of Accounting. Problems and Solutions based on and for understanding Journal and related aspects in financial accounting. Farm Accounting: Principles and Problems. A shareholder holding 30, shares paid the whole of the amount due along with allotment.

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In this article we have compiled various cost accounting problems along with its relevant Solutions. After reading this article you will learn about cost accounting.

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financial accounting problems and solutions pdf

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financial accounting problems and solutions pdf

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