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Kenneth and Mamie Clark

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Kenneth Bancroft Clark — , an eminent American social psychologist, educator, and human rights activist, is well known for his expert testimony in the consolidated school desegregation cases known as Brown v. Board of Education. The social science testimony of Kenneth Clark was a significant factor in the Court's decision, and secured his place in the historical record among social psychologists whose research has influenced significant social change in the twentieth century. Kenneth Clark was born in the Panama Canal Zone on July 24, , and lived there until he was five years of age. Miriam Clark supported her two children working as a seamstress in New York 's garment district. Kenneth came of age in Harlem during its political and cultural zenith in the s. Kenneth was educated in the desegregated public elementary and junior high schools of Harlem.

Kenneth Clark. Kenneth Clark, whose innovative research in child psychology—conducted alongside his wife, Mamie Phipps Clark —played a pivotal role in winning the legal battle against segregation in schools. Although Dr. In , Dr. Clark published Prejudice and Your Child , the first book of its kind about the relationship between the moral and ethical conflicts generated by systemic racism and the well-being of children.

The Southern Quarterly

Kenneth B. Clark was asocial psychologist and educator, whose research, writing, and activism had asignificant impact on racial issues within the USA. Clark was born on July 14, , in the Panama Canal Zone. However, Miriam desired abetter life for her children and, in , left her husband and moved to New York City with Kenneth and his younger sister, Beulah, ultimately settling in Harlem Guthrie While many young African-Americans of the period were strongly encouraged to attend vocational schools, Miriam insisted that her son, Kenneth, pursue an academic track. While there, he met Mamie Phipps, ayoung mathematics

As they deliberated on Brown v. Board of Education , helped the Supreme Court justices and the nation understand some of the lingering effects of segregation on the very children it affected most. Their experiment , which involved white- and brown-skinned dolls, was deceptively simple. In a reflection of the racial biases of the time, the Clarks had to paint a white baby doll brown for the tests, since African-American dolls were not yet manufactured. All of the children tested were black, and all but one group attended segregated schools.

Access options available:. Kenneth B. Photographed by Gordon Parks. The only doll I had back then was one that my big sister cast off. I played school with that doll every day and gave her a name to rhyme with mine—Glorie.

When repeated, Kenneth and Mamie Clark's famous study of produces Article Information, PDF download for Kenneth and Mamie Clark Revisited, Open​.

How Dolls Helped Win Brown v. Board of Education

Yet a humble set of baby dolls — two black, two white — played a pivotal role in what many have termed the most important legal ruling of the 20th century. This year, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision to legally end segregation in public schools, one of those dolls is on display here at Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site. This is the doll's story.

Read Dr. Read an interview with Dr. Their subjects, children between the ages of three to seven, were asked to identify both the race of the dolls and which color doll they prefer.

Kenneth Bancroft Clark July 14, — May 1, and Mamie Phipps Clark April 18, — August 11, [1] were American psychologists who as a married team conducted research among children and were active in the Civil Rights Movement. They were known for their s experiments using dolls to study children's attitudes about race. The Clarks testified as expert witnesses in Briggs v.

Advances in the History of Psychology

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    The experiments colloquially known as the “doll studies” were a series of studies performed by Mamie P. Clark and her husband Kenneth B. Clark in the 's.

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