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chemical formula of all elements and compounds pdf

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Top tips for writing chemical formulae

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms , molecules and ions : their composition, structure, properties, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances. In the scope of its subject, chemistry occupies an intermediate position between physics and biology. Chemistry addresses topics such as how atoms and molecules interact via chemical bonds to form new chemical compounds. There are two types of chemical bonds: 1. The word chemistry comes from a modification of the word alchemy , which referred to an earlier set of practices that encompassed elements of chemistry, metallurgy , philosophy , astrology , astronomy , mysticism and medicine. Alchemy is often seen as linked to the quest to turn lead or other base metals into gold, though alchemists were also interested in many of the questions of modern chemistry. The current model of atomic structure is the quantum mechanical model.

If you keep an eye on the latest trend followed by SSC for General Awareness questions , you would notice that Science facts are covering major portions of it. To help you quickly take a look at List of Chemical Formulas and their Common Names , we are providing you in this article. To help you attempt the chemistry questions without any glitches, we are sharing with you a detailed list of Chemical Formulas and their Common Names. Chemical formulas are expressions which state the number and types of atoms present in a molecule of a substance. Before moving ahead have a look at the Chemical compounds.

In the GCSE exams, chemical formulae are often given to you in the question. Remember our top three tips for each type of compound… and writing chemical formulae will never be a problem again! First off, decide if the compound is covalent or ionic. Remember that covalent bonding happens when all the elements in a molecule are non-metals e. The name starts with the atom at the centre of the molecule, and then tells you how many of the other elements there are. For example:.

List of Chemical Formulas and their Common Names – GK Notes for SSC

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. While few chemicals find use as military explosives Table 4. Several such explosives, as well as some plasticizers and taggants found in plastique explosives, are listed in Table 4. The devastating shock wave that accompanies detonation of a high explosive HE , results in widespread damage and loss of life. High explosives consist of an intimate mixture of oxidant and reductant, either within a single molecule, such as nitroglycerin, pentaerythritol tetranitrate PETN , trinitrotoline TNT , or triacetone triperoxide TATP , or within an ionic solid, such as ammonium nitrate, when mixed with fuel oil. Mixtures of high explosives are frequently used.

1. Chemical. Names & Formulas. Water Ammonia Methane elements. +. # elements in earth's crust (99%). 8. # elements in all in a chemical compound.

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The atoms in all substances that contain multiple atoms are held together by electrostatic interactions—interactions between electrically charged particles such as protons and electrons. Electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged species positive and negative results in a force that causes them to move toward each other, like the attraction between opposite poles of two magnets. In contrast, electrostatic repulsion between two species with the same charge either both positive or both negative results in a force that causes them to repel each other, as do the same poles of two magnets. Atoms form chemical compounds when the attractive electrostatic interactions between them are stronger than the repulsive interactions.

Each element is represented by its own chemical symbol. The periodic table shows the names and symbols of the elements. A chemical symbol:. For example, the element mercury is shown as Hg. You must not show it as HG, hg or hG.

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    only two different types of atoms. Rules for binary compound formulas. 1. Element to left in Periodic Table comes first except for hydrogen: KCl. PCl. 3. Al. 2. S. 3.

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    Molecules of organic compounds are made up of discrete collections of atoms that are held together bonded in three-dimensional space in a unique constitution and configuration, referred to as its structure.