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Share this book:. Rate this book. Snowflakes And Embers by S. Payne Favorite Author.

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Share this book:. Rate this book. Snowflakes And Embers by S. Payne Favorite Author. Deseem loves Liam, but Liam is too hurt to be able to love again so soon. At the same time when Liam sees Deseem with another man fann if i dont mistake ,who is well known for his flirts and lovers,Liam gets frozen in his steps and runs away. Lach his brother explains to him that was all a finction,but that Fann had decided for hinmself to kiss Deseem,bcs that wasnt in the pact.

They had done this to let Liam understand how he feels about Deseem. The end is not bad,but i would like to see a sequel where Liam finally admits he loves Deseem too,bcs i'm really sure it's like that. The sad thing is that Deseem was finally going back to his normal self and we stil The author could make him go with Liam in battle and talk more about his powers The author makes some grammatical erros no one is perfect ,and also sometimes u're readying and the story jumps to another moment,and you're like"what?

I just hope that when he'll have time and wants,to read a sequel that will be a real end and not leaving the things like they're now. Said that i think ppl should read this book,there's romane also if sometimes is subtle and one important thing NO cheating of the chars. I dont consider some kisses with others and if u read the book u'll understand why not. Ty and srr for my errors,i just had those feelings to write XD review 2: I forgot how much I loved this. Payne is the absolute master of damaged characters re-learning how to love.

Her world-building is so fabulous and her characters are so well developed that like most of her books, I didn't want this one to end - and when it did, I immediately started searching for a sequel. Snowflakes and Embers is a beautiful, painful, and memorable love story set in a magical world being torn asunder by war. The main character, Deseen, has been cloistered his entire life in preparation for entering the priesthood.

As a young teen, his circumstances change dramatically when his father, the King, decides instead to leverage him in a politically expedient marriage. The catch is - not as a husband, but as a Bentan Bride.

Worth reading over and over. Download links for: Snowflakes and Embers Advertising. Online stores:. Copy in the library:. Reviews see all nidhi. Other books by Romance. Red Dirt Heart 4. Hearts of Fire. Give It All. Other books by S. Blurring the Lines. Related articles. Bargain Shoppers. City of Lies- Ramita Navai. The Stranger 4 Pages — Yuri on Ice Anime Review. My Favorite Shel Silverstein Poems.

Download PDF. The Home B ook of Verse, Volume 1. Burton Egbert Stevenson. V4 and V 5 correspond to the two halves of "Part IV" as they were. Copyright laws are changing all over the world, be sure to check. Please take a look at the important informat ion in this header. We encourage you to keep this file on your ow n disk, keeping an.

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Snowflakes and Embers

Deseem was to be a gift to God, trained from birth to be a priest but when his father, the king, is short on allies and heirs hes ordered to become a Bentan Bride. Left with no choices and options he braces himself for the worst. Liam is used to how his magic frightens people and hes learned to like his isolation.

Behind A Mask (Snowflakes and Embers, #1.5) by S.A. Payne

Deseem tries to get Liam be a little social.

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