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The Political Ecology of Oil and Gas Activities in the Nigerian Aquatic Ecosystem

Nigerian Oil Economy: Development or Dependence. The s and s are seen as a time of agrarian stagnation and crisis in Nigeria. The dominant influence of these firms in Nigerian development and, by promising substantial immediate financial gains, fiscal economic policies meant that private business has prospered at the expense of long-term economic growth. However, the ways in which the oil export industry has hindered economic growth have been both direct and indirect. The major topics of interest can be broken down accordingly. Both of these dilemmas are crucial to our study of underdevelopment in Nigeria, but they are associated with independent policy issues. It will therefore be conducive to our analysis to address each in turn, followed by an evaluation of the various reforms that they might incur on the Nigerian State.

For the latest figures, view the Supplement to the Annual Report. Chevron is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria and one of its largest investors. Chevron also has extensive interests in multipartner deepwater operations. We also have a nonoperated interest in the Usan Field. Chevron also does business through other subsidiaries in Nigeria.

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Petroleum industry in Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest oil and gas producer in Africa. Crude oil from the Niger delta basin comes in two types: light, and comparatively heavy — the lighter around 36 gravity and the heavier, 20—25 gravity. Both types are paraffinic and low in sulfur. The history of oil exploration in Nigeria dates back to when Nigerian Bitumen Corporation conducted exploratory work in the country; at the onset of World War I the firm's operations were stopped. Due to the lack of technological and financial resources of small oil companies, large oil companies took over the exploration of commercial oil in the country.

Tule, Moses Kpughur. It is a montage of burnt rivers, burnt forests and maimed lives. An oil well is a death sentence if it is located at your backyard" Nnimmo Bassey Oil exploration and production involves substantial environmental risks and sensitivities, requiring delicate but deliberate management, failing which the environment, society and all energy users would have to pay a high price. To minimize these externalities, most oil companies elsewhere, adopt a structured approach involving a combination of partnership, responsible operations, corporate social responsibility to the host communities and local capacity building. Benign negligence and alienation of the genuine concerns and interests of the host communities could precipitate crises of enormous dimensions, hindering further explorative activities. Oil exploration in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region has in recent times been resisted by the host communities due to large scale environmental degradation arising from the exploitative activities of oil companies in the area.

Adopt A Simulation-Led Design Strategy to Explore Engineering Possibilities.

2021 oil and gas industry outlook

The Political Ecology of Oil and Gas Activities in the Nigerian Aquatic Ecosystem reviews the current status of the ecosystems and economic implications of oil and gas development in Nigeria, a key oil-producing state. The ecological and economic impacts of oil and gas development, particularly in developing nations, are crucial topics for ecologists, natural resource professionals and pollution researchers to understand. This book takes an integrative approach to these problems through the lens of one of the key oil-producing nations, linking natural and human systems through the valuation of ecosystem services. Ecologists, ecological economists, natural resource management professionals, petroleum industry, NGOs, pollution professionals.

Home Issues 7. Increasing natural resource revenues at the sub-national government level does not necessarily guarantee that they will be well spent. This article uses examples from Latin America and East Africa to discuss four actions that can contribute to a more equitable and efficient use of oil and gas resources at the local level. It also analyses the challenges in implementing them.

2015 Nigeria Oil and Gas Report

An Article Titled oil and gas industry outlook already exists in Saved items. The oil and gas industry is used to the highs and lows of economic cycles.

Petroleum industry in Nigeria

Final report on the financial, physical and process audit of the Nigeria oil and gas industry: An independent report assessing and reconciling physical and financial flows within Nigeria's oil and gas industry - Skip to main content. Please enable JavaScript for full use of this site. Publication Type:. Published Date:. December,

For the latest figures, view the Supplement to the Annual Report. Other areas on the continent where the company holds interests include Benin, Egypt, Ghana, the Republic of Congo and Togo. We operate and hold a 40 percent interest in eight concessions in the onshore and near-offshore regions of the Niger Delta under a joint-venture agreement with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. We also hold acreage positions in nine deepwater exploration and production blocks in Nigeria, three of which we operate. In we continued an infill drilling program in the Niger Delta to offset field decline and increase production. Chevron also holds a In Angola, our major operations include two exploration and production concessions — Block 0, off the coast of Cabinda province, and Block 14, in deep water.

The petroleum industry is the backbone of the Nigerian economy. Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Its oil industry generates over 95 per cent of the country's foreign revenue, and about 80 per cent of government revenue. The oil industry alone creates over 65, direct jobs in Nigeria, and more than , jobs in non-direct employment.

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