Atom Photon Interactions Basic Processes And Applications Pdf

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atom photon interactions basic processes and applications pdf

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Strong interaction between light and a single trapped atom without the need for a cavity

Along with the book recommendations there are some reading assignments for the course. Wiley-VCH, ISBN: Loudon, Rodney. The Quantum Theory of Light. Oxford University Press, Weissbluth, Mitchel.

Photon-Atom Interactions. Academic Press, Edited by J. Dalibard, J. Raimond, and J. North Holland, Arimondo, E. Phillips, and F. Strumia, eds. Proceeding of the summer school in Varenna "Enrico Fermi. North-Holland, Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude. Atoms in Electromagnetic Fields. World Scientific, Selected Original Papers of C. Allen, L. Optical Resonance and Two-level Atoms. Dover Publication, Laser Spectroscopy. Springer, Svelto, O. Principle of Lasers.

Mainly on lasers Basic Principles, Resonators, Types of Lasers , but nice short discussions of coherence and other concepts. Svanberg, S. A longer chapter on applications of laser spectroscopy.

Corney, A. Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy. This book is on atoms, discusses hyperfine structure, selection rules and other effects in detail, and gives many examples of techniques and experiments. Gives a very good impression of the state of experimental atomic physics in the '70s. Thorne, A. Nice book on spectroscopy, with some emphasis on classical methods and plasma spectroscopy. Long chapter on line widths and shapes. Scully, M.

Quantum Optics. Cambridge University Press, Detailed treatment of coherence and electromagnetically induced transparency, laser theory. Suter, D. The Physics of Laser-Atom Interactions. Photon Atom Interactions. I would recommend consulting this book whenever you want to know more about the "exact" formulation of the theory. I am always amazed how easily you can open this book in the middle and still understand the explanations. Kuhn, Axel, Markus Hennrich, et al. Group Papers Example of Single Photon g 2 tau meas.

Kimble, H. Elsevier, Extensive and Advanced Treatment of Squeezed Light. Henry, R. Basic discussion using only elementary quantum mechanics. Teich, M. Popular article on non-classical light. DiFilippo, F. Furusawa, A. Schumaker, B. Wu, Ling-An, H. Kimble, et al. Xiao, Min, Ling-An Wu, et al. Polzik, E. Carri, et al. Sackett, C.

Kielpinski, et al. Nielsen, Michael A. Cambridge University Press, , pp. Caves, C. Giovannetti, Vittorio, Seth Lloyd, et al. Bouyer, P. Vogels, J. Chin, et al. Baym, Gordon. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics. Benjamin, , pp. Yasuda, Masami, and Fujio Shimizu. Jeltes, T. McNamara, et al. Wiley-VCH, , pp. Spruch, L. Haroche, S. Jaffe, R. Dupont-Roc, et al. Dalibard, Jean, and Yvan Castin. Chu, Steven, L. Hollberg, et al.

Zinn Justin. North Holland, , pp. Advanced reading on friction force in a standing wave pp. Gordon, J. Phillips, W. Edited by E.

Arimondo, W. North-Holland, , pp. Ashkin, A, and J. Pritchard, D. Raab, et al.

Strong interaction between light and a single trapped atom without the need for a cavity

Summary of scientific research The scientific problems investigated by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji deal with radiation-matter interactions. With his collaborators he has written five books on quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and quantum optics, and about theoretical and experimental papers on various problems of atomic physics and quantum optics. During his Ph. A few years later, he showed that very narrow level crossing resonances can be observed in atomic ground states and he detected in this way very weak magnetic fields in the nanogauss range. With his students, S. Haroche, J.

Atom-Photon Interactions: Basic Processes and Applications allows the reader to master various aspects of the physics of the interaction.

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Along with the book recommendations there are some reading assignments for the course. Wiley-VCH, ISBN: Loudon, Rodney.

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