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To identify the damaging agent, you must observe and describe the signs and symptoms on the host tree. Please do not enter personal information such as your name, contact information, or identity numbers. This digital assistant cannot advise you on your personal situation, and conversations are not monitored.

Harmful Insects (and Why)

See subgroups of the order Coleoptera. Their front pair of wings are hardened into wing-cases, elytra , distinguishing them from most other insects. The largest of all families , the Curculionidae weevils , with some 83, member species, belongs to this order. Found in almost every habitat except the sea and the polar regions , they interact with their ecosystems in several ways: beetles often feed on plants and fungi , break down animal and plant debris, and eat other invertebrates. Some species are serious agricultural pests, such as the Colorado potato beetle , while others such as Coccinellidae ladybirds or ladybugs eat aphids , scale insects , thrips , and other plant-sucking insects that damage crops. Beetles typically have a particularly hard exoskeleton including the elytra , though some such as the rove beetles have very short elytra while blister beetles have softer elytra.

Damage to growing crops

While there are many helpful insects encountered throughout the world, there are also plenty of harmful species that pass disease, destroy crops, affect animal populations and the like. American Oil Beetle. Secretes a chemical that can irritate human skin, causing blisters. Devastating to plants with resulting secretions attracting other garden pests. Asian Multi-colored Lady Beetle. Foreign species replacing native North American ladybug types.

Jump to navigation Skip to Content. It has been estimated that between one quarter and one third of the world grain crop is lost each year during storage. Much of this is due to insect attack. In addition, grain which is not lost is severely reduced in quality by insect damage. Many grain pests preferentially eat out grain embryos, thereby reducing the protein content of feed grain and lowering the percentage of seeds which germinate. Overseas customers demand insect-free grain.

PDF | On Jun 19, , Ujagir R and others published Insect pests and their Nature of damage: The larvae live on the under surface of leaflets within galleries of although their name seems to suggest that they are specific pests of mango​.

How to Manage Pests

Here is an example using the marmalade hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus:. From this hierarchy we derive the scientific name for the marmalade hoverfly — Episyrphus balteatus. You can explore the world of insect classification from this page and learn about the fascinating groups of insects that can be found in Britain.

Insects are responsible for two major kinds of damage to growing crops. First is direct injury done to the plant by the feeding insect, which eats leaves or burrows in stems, fruit , or roots. There are hundreds of pest species of this type, both in larvae and adults, among orthopterans , homopterans, heteropterans , coleopterans, lepidopterans, and dipterans.

Different Pests Cause Different Damage

View PDF. Tip burn Fruit damage. What is a Key?

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Insect pests of stored grain

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    Insects or Insecta from Latin insectum are pancrustacean hexapod invertebrates and the largest group within the arthropod phylum.

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    Alfalfa Weevil Damage: defoliation, stunting, skeletonizing. Scientific Name: Curculionidae: Hypera postica. Status: key insect pest of alfalfa. Damaging Stage​.