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Urban lakes have been threatened by rapid expansion of cities in recent years. Their area changes could be extracted by remote sensing technologies. In the DULAEM, the CA layer is mainly used for modelling the interactions between urban lakes and their surrounding land use change through the activity of each cell; the MAS layer represents the actions of three typical human activities: government, real estate developers, and residents.

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Cellular Automata and Agent-Based Models

Show all documents Implementation and calibration of a new irregular cellular automata based model for local urban growth simulation: The MUGICA model Cellular automata CA based models have traditionally employed regular grids to represent the geographical environment when simulating urban growth or land use change. Over the last two decades, the scientific community has introduced the use of other spatial structures in an attempt to represent the processes simulated by these models more realistically. Cadastre parcels are a good choice when simulating urban growth at local scales, where pixels or regular cells do not represent the geographic space properly. Furthermore, the implementation and calibration of key factors such as accessibility and suitability has not been sufficiently explored in models employing irregular structures. The model uses the irregular structure of the cadastre and its smallest unit: the cadastral parcel. The factors included are based on the traditional NASZ Neighbourhood, Accessibility, Suitability and Zoning Status modelling schema, frequently employed in other models.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Rhoulami and M. Rhoulami , M. Nowadays, residential mobility RM is usually interconnected with other urban phenomena to give more realistic and effective to the simulation models in order to support urban planners and decision makers.

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Although the nonlinear growth of networks, e. Partial explanations of this discrepancy are the unintuitive nature and complexity of the required analytical tools. The goal of this research is to assess two possible approaches — the network theory and cellular automata CA — and to generate guidelines for their application. After having clarified the necessity for a network growth analysis, the network theory and CA are outlined and compared as alternative analytical approaches for its investigation. Results of the theoretical analysis indicate that the amount of the interacting agents and the complexity of the interaction rules are key determinants for choosing the optimal methodology. Given that sound research has addressed the implementation handles, the further application guidelines mentioned here can help corroborate and validate the concepts presented and contribute to a further diffusion of the underlying complex systems principles in management theory and practice.

An agent-based model ABM is a class of computational models for simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous agents both individual or collective entities such as organizations or groups with a view to assessing their effects on the system as a whole. It combines elements of game theory , complex systems , emergence , computational sociology , multi-agent systems , and evolutionary programming. Monte Carlo methods are used to introduce randomness. A review of recent literature on individual-based models, agent-based models, and multiagent systems shows that ABMs are used on non-computing related scientific domains including biology , ecology and social science. Agent-based models are a kind of microscale model [3] that simulate the simultaneous operations and interactions of multiple agents in an attempt to re-create and predict the appearance of complex phenomena. The process is one of emergence , which some express as "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

A Novel Modeling based Agent Cellular Automata for Advanced Residential Mobility Applications

Handbook of Regional Science pp Cite as. Two classes of models that have made major breakthroughs in regional science in the last two decades are cellular automata CA and agent-based models ABM. These are both complex systems approaches and are built on creating microscale elemental agents and actions that, when permuted over time and in space, result in forms of aggregate behavior that are not achievable by other forms of modeling.

Agent-based models are computer simulations used to study the interactions between people, things, places, and time. They are stochastic models built from the bottom up meaning individual agents often people in epidemiology are assigned certain attributes. The agents are programmed to behave and interact with other agents and the environment in certain ways. These interactions produce emergent effects that may differ from effects of individual agents.

Modeling network growth with network theory and cellular automata

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Agent-Based Modeling

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Agent-based model

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