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milk productin and value chain phd thesis pdf

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Value chain analysis of smallholder milk producer in West Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

Citation of this paper. Gender inequalities in the dairy value chain in Tanzania cannot be over emphasized. A desk review of 29 published and 32 gray literature was done to analyze gender inequalities in the Tanzanian dairy value chain from independence to date. Lack of sex disaggregated data used for monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of the interventions soon after independence was among the outcome of the study. Further, women, unlike men, lack skills for enhancing dairy income generation owing to their limited access to training and other technologies. The projects also appear to have a low commitment to address the gender issues identified which could be due to a low political will or a low capacity to collect sex disaggregated data, conduct gender analysis of the recommended interventions that will narrow the gender gaps and implement these recommendations. The authors recommend projects to recruit gender experts and train project staff on the economic benefits of integrating gender and how to mainstream gender in projects including collecting sex disaggregated data, analyzing it by gender and how to develop indicators to measure progress.

Gender aspects in the dairy value chain in Tanzania: A review of literature

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The study was aimed at analyzing milk value chains in West Hararghe zone with producers were randomly selected from list of dairy producer kebeles. Meanwhile, 30 traders from different markets and 30 consumers in Chiro, Bedessa Gemechis and Mieso towns were selected and interviewed. Heckman two stage models were applied to identify determinants of milk market participation and volume of milk supply to the market. The results shows among those variables hypothesized to affect milk market participation decision, distance to the nearest market, crop income and age of household head were negatively and significantly affecting participation decision and also livestock unit is affect participation decision significantly and positively. Land size, improved dairy cows, livestock unit were significantly and positively influencing the value of milk marketed.


Value chain analysis of smallholder milk producer in West Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

Increasingly, value chain approaches are integrated with multi-stakeholder processes to facilitate inclusive innovation and value chain upgrading of smallholders. This pathway to smallholder integration into agri-food markets has received limited analysis. This article analyses this integration through a case study of an ongoing smallholder dairy development programme in Tanzania. Value chain upgrading and innovation systems perspectives were combined in an analytical framework to interpret the findings, which show that multi-stakeholder processes enhance horizontal and vertical coordination but limit process and product upgrading. The main conclusion is that, although such processes may catalyze smallholder market inclusion, their effects are largely bounded by existing value chain structures e.

Selmira Flores. Agarwal, B. Ammour, T. Artola, N. Bourdieu, P.

The major aim of this paper was to examine the factors that determine market supply of mangoes and red peppers by smallholder growers in Ahferom and Kola-Tembien Districts of Tigray National Regional State, Northern Ethiopia. Data were collected from a sample of mango growers and red pepper growers. Both descriptive statistics and econometric analysis applied for analyzing the collected data.

Milk value chain analysis: industry competitiveness and the dairy policy environment in Pakistan

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    Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Institute of to evaluate food-borne infectious disease risks along dairy value chains supplying present in both mtindi and other fermented milk products which are consumed manual offers no useful conceptual overview of what comprises a livestock value.

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    The paper proposes an enhancement to a focal company in the dairy supply chain, in order to support sustainable performance.