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difference between note making and note taking pdf

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Note-taking sometimes written as notetaking or note taking is the practice of recording information from different sources and platforms. By taking notes, the writer records the essence of the information, freeing their mind from having to recall everything. Note-taking has been an important part of human history and scientific development. The Ancient Greeks developed hypomnema , personal records on important subjects. In the Renaissance and early modern period, students learned to take notes in schools, academies and universities, often producing beautiful volumes that served as reference works after they finished their studies.

Notetaking and review: The research and its implications

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Note Taking & Note Making Process

Deliberately called note making and not note taking, this is the active process of recording information from one source to make it useful for another purpose. We take notes all the time but it is very easy to write too much and so the process becomes time-consuming and arduous, not capture the right things, it can distract us from what is actually happening, and can generate additional work in organisation and reviewing them to make them useful. Remember that different styles suit different people and that different styles suit different purposes. You do not have to focus on one technique; use them in conjunction e. First it is important to question why and when we take notes, to realise that there are different purposes, that require different techniques and approaches. Summarise - we make notes so that we don't have to read the whole book or journal article again. Understanding - notes can act as a way of clarifying points and helping us put something new into a meaningful context.

Note-making is more common while reading; it consists in deliberately crafting our own version so we can learn and create better. Note-taking is fast, uses the original author's language, and generally feels easier.

Note making versus note taking PPT.pdf

The difference between note-making and note-taking is substantial and could mean the difference between a pass and a credit pass or indeed a pass and a fail. Note-taking involves: Writing down most of what you hear or read without actually processing the information Notes usually being copied from the original source and re-written in a similar format Notes being taken that are often unselective, trying to cover most or all of the information without highlighting the main points or issues. Taking notes can be useful for study, but it is a passive approach to study and learning this starkly contrasts with the more active approach known as note-making. Note-Making Note-making is a more intellectual task than note-taking as it involves selecting, analysing and summarising what you hear or read. Note-making is therefore an active approach to study as it: Forces you to think, because you have to make decisions about what to write Helps you to pay attention to what you are reading, or listening to Assists your understanding of new material if the notes are organised in your own way and in your own words Helps you to concentrate Helps you to remember more information Makes it easier to distinguish between important issues and detail Provides a permanent record.

Note-taking has played an important role in human history.


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