Upper And Lowercase Letters Printable Flash Cards Pdf

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upper and lowercase letters printable flash cards pdf

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We've got alphabet flash cards big and small, with pictures and without! Match upper case to lower case, or first letter sound to picture, or simply ask the children call out the letter names as you hold up the card or turn them over.

The printable alphabet flashcards below are going to help your child learn their letters in no time. The best part is that these printable alphabet flashcards are all free! These are some great looking flashcard sets with wonderful illustrations. They range in style from modern to vintage, but they all are clear and easy to understand.

Uppercase And Lowercase Letters Flashcards

We've got alphabet flash cards big and small, with pictures and without! Match upper case to lower case, or first letter sound to picture, or simply ask the children call out the letter names as you hold up the card or turn them over.

We've even got alphabet flash cards with an outline font so that children can practise finger tracing the letters in turn. Here are some fun ideas for using this set of alphabet flash cards, from Shelly Ideas for Using our Alphabet Flash Cards. These lovely flash cards come in colour or black and white, so you can have lots of fun with them.

We have a set of girls, too, for matching games or mixing up! Available in both colour and black and white versions, these flash cards print 4 to a page and are perfect for younger children learning the alphabet. Use them to spell out words, make pictures, or perhaps print out the whole alphabet to make a mini colouring book! This mixed case set of alphabet flash cards is designed so that you can use it in many ways. Cut out the cards individually, for 2 large cards to a page.

Split them into two "packs" and use them as matching cards. Print these alphabet flash cards and use them as is - 6 cards to a page - or fold them in half along the central vertical line to make double-sided cards for each letter.

We have alternatives for the f and k at the end of the pdf. These guided font alphabet flash cards include both upper and lower case versions of the letters, with alternatives for f and k at the back of the pdf. Play matching games, practise tracing the letters with finger or pencil This quirky, fun set of upper case alphabet flash cards are so much fun to use, whether for alphabet drills, games or display.

Our slightly quirky upper case letters in bright patterns decorate this set of alphabet flash cards, which can be used in all sorts of learning and fun activities. These lovely bright alphabet flash cards come with different font choices and in different sizes. This "large" size prints 2 to a page.

We also have small 4 to a page and poster 1 per page versions, as well as a set of matching colouring pages too. Print out these colourful alphabet flash cards, choosing from 2 fonts.

The kids will love the pictures, I think! These alphabet flash cards are designed to print one to a page. Simple fold in half along the dotted line and glue the paper back-to-back to make a useful set of double-sided alphabet cards with appealing pictures. Print out this fun set of alphabet flash cards and use them in two different ways. You could cut all the cards out and use them as a matching card set. Alternatively, fold in half along the centre vertical line and glue back-to-back to make simple double-sided flash cards.

These fun alphabet picture flash cards print 2 to a page so they are great for group or class work, or for display. Each flash card comes with a picture beginning with that letter, and we've tried to make them appealing to younger kids. Here is the smaller version of our alphabet picture flash cards, printing 4 to a page.

We've included two extra cards at the back of the set with an alternative f and k. The aim of this lovely learning activity is to match each capital letter with the correct lowercase letter at the bottom of each card. The children will need a peg to '"clip" their answer. These gorgeous chick alphabet cards can be used in so many ways, and tied into your Easter, spring or farmyard topics.

Why not hide the cards for a treasure hunt, and send the kids off to find the whole alphabet and put it in order? Test the children on their recognition of lower and upper case letters by asking them to match the upper case chick cards to the lower case egg cards.

You can laminate the cards for extra durability if you prefer too Here are some fun Christmas Tree Alphabet Tags for you to print and cut out. They would make cute gift tags punch a hole in the top left corner and thread ribbon through , or you can use them in all sorts of alphabet games and activities.

Here's an Easter activity to help the children practise upper and lower case letter recognition. Print onto some card and cut out the pieces laminate if you prefer.

The children then need to match the lower case letters on the carrots with the upper case letters on the bunnies! These fun bat alphabet cards can be used in lots of ways and are great for Halloween. Ask the kids to spell some Halloween themed words, or play some matching and spelling games? We've got upper and lower case alphabets in black and white or colour. These fun monster alphabet cards will make spelling games fun! You could use them to put your child's name on their bedroom door, or play matching and spelling games with them.

How about a treasure hunt around the house - find all 26 letters of the alphabet and put them in order? Print out these letter matching cards onto printer card then cut out. Keep lower case and upper case in separate stacks and see if the kids can join them together correctly. Printable Alphabets. Alphabet Lacing Cards. Become a Member to access 37, printables! Skip to main content. We've used an outline font on this set of large, colourful alphabet flash cards.

Basic Alphabet Cards

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Download 46 phonetic symbols with examples in PDF. Zoo phonics cards more modern cuter graphics pdf. Phonetic Alphabet Flash Cards Pdf. Downloadable Alphabet Flash Cards Pdf. Have students say the sound for each picture. Different versions of the flashcards are available, simply download and print off the ones that are most suitable for you and your child.

Here's a PDF file of printable alphabet flashcards by ABC Teach. All the alphabet flashcards include the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Alphabet Flashcards

Counting by 2s, by 3s, by 4s, by 5s ,and by 10s. These are simple printable alphabet flashcards that are just right for a child just learning his letters. The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The printable alphabet flashcards below are going to help your child learn their letters in no time.

These treasures include top, mid, and base lines! Children can actually place their alphabet letters on the line. Hint: Do the same at the board.

Alphabet Flash Cards - Printable PDF

If you are working with your toddler, preschool, pre k, Kindergarten, and first grade student on learning the alphabet, you know they will need to reference something frequently to remember how to form their letters. It is a skill that just takes time and practice! Print the pdf file with the free printable alphabet flash cards , cut apart, and hang on your wall for kids to reference the upper and lowercase letters frequently.


Kids learning their ABCs need to be able to see alphabet letters frequently so they can see how to properly form their upper and lowercase letters! Grab these super cute, free printable Alphabet Wall Cards to help preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students learn letters from A to Z. Each of the free alphabet printables for wall includes a picture that starts with the same beginning sound as the featured letter this is great for learning the sounds letters make, aka beginning sounds, and as an introduction to phonics.

O and I have had fun using these using these Alphabet Movement Cards lately. I printed and laminated the sheets, cut out the cards, hole punched the cards, and bound them together with a book ring. I'm enjoying using laminated cards attached to book rings with O lately. They are so simple, easy to use, and don't take up much space. I'm Anna from The Measured Mom, back for my weekly post at Crystal and Company to share a letter of the week preschool craft. This week we made a quick and si.

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