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air pollution sources and types pdf evaporative cooling

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When used in conjunction with air movement, evaporative cooling can be effective at alleviating or preventing poultry heat stress during hot weather. It results in a reduced air temperature and increased humidity.

Evaporative cooling EC is an ancient technique that is usually suitable for hot and dry climatic conditions due to the potential of water vapor evaporation. The performance of the systems was evaluated and compared for agricultural storage and livestock air-conditioning application in Pakistan. The experiments were performed for climatic conditions of Multan city Pakistan and the data were collected for hourly and daily basis. According to the results, it was observed that the DEC system has the ability to reduce the temperature of ambient air to an average of 8. As per the results, the DEC system remained behind to provide desired conditions for livestock and agricultural product storage applications due to excessive humidity.

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An evaporative cooler also evaporative air conditioner , swamp cooler , swamp box , desert cooler and wet air cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from other air conditioning systems, which use vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. Evaporative cooling uses the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate that is, it has a large enthalpy of vaporization. The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor evaporation. This can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants. The cooling potential for evaporative cooling is dependent on the wet-bulb depression, the difference between dry-bulb temperature and wet-bulb temperature see relative humidity.

Air Quality and Climate Change: A Delicate Balance

Air pollution is defined as an atmospheric condition in which substances air pollutants are present at concentrations higher than their normal ambient clean atmosphere levels to produce measurable adverse effects on humans, animals, vegetation, or materials Seinfeld, Polluting substances can be noxious or benign, and can be released by natural and anthropogenic human-made sources. According to the World Health Organization an estimated 3 million people die each year because of exposure to air pollution WHO, Air pollution climatology is concerned with the study of atmospheric phenomena and conditions that lead to occurrence of large concentrations of air pollutants and with their effects on the environment. Air pollutants are typically classified into three categories: suspended particulate matter SPM , gaseous pollutants gases and vapors and odors. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

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Air Pollution Climatology

By Ryszard J. Air pollution can be defined as the presence in the atmosphere of one or more contaminants in such quality and for such duration as is injurious, or tends to be injurious, to human health or welfare, animal or plant life. It is the contamination of air by the discharge of harmful substances. Industrialization have led to air getting more and more polluted over the years.

This booklet will help you understand: 1 what indoor biological pollution is 2 whether your home or lifestyle promotes its development 3 how to control its growth and buildup. Outdoor air pollution in cities is a major health problem. Much effort and money continues to be spent cleaning up pollution in the outdoor air.

Chapter 9 - Evaporative Cooling Systems

Pollution , also called environmental pollution , the addition of any substance solid , liquid , or gas or any form of energy such as heat , sound, or radioactivity to the environment at a rate faster than it can be dispersed, diluted, decomposed, recycled, or stored in some harmless form. The major kinds of pollution, usually classified by environment, are air pollution , water pollution , and land pollution.

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    As researchers consider the potential health impacts of a warming planet, the relationships between climate change and air pollutants become increasingly important to understand.