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research on professional responsibility and ethics in accounting pdf

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Understanding these issues will assist in determining the management accounting professional attributes that should be fostered in encouraging the ethical judgments of management accountants since research indicates that the moral equity and contractualism rationales are consistent with individuals at the post-conventional stage of ethical development and more ethical judgments while the relativism rationale is consistent with the conventional stage of moral development and less ethical judgments. Thomas, S. Report bugs here.

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The AICPA requires professional accountants to act responsibly when engaging in accounting services and reviewing sensitive financial information. Accountants should always exercise sound moral judgment in all accounting activities. Accountants have the unique responsibility to provide clients with professional services while presenting a truthful and accurate assessment of a company's financial health to the general public. Integrity is an important fundamental element of the accounting profession. Integrity requires accountants to be honest, candid and forthright with a client's financial information.

This study aims to evaluate how accounting students perceive professional ethics considering variables linked to individual factors. In terms of methodology, this was a quantitative and exploratory study, and included a cross-sectional questionnaire. The sample represented students at an IES in the southern region of Brazil. However, this assumption refers solely to this study analysis, because the literature review shows multiple results in other regions. Accounting practice is essential in the support of the economic system at the global level, as it generates information that assists in the various stakeholder decisions. Anzeh and Abed point out that any unethical conduct in accounting practice will, in any way, cause failures in the economic system. It is worth emphasizing, therefore, that in accounting, in addition to ethical education, individual factors such as gender, age, professional experience, religiosity, ethnicity and educational level can also influence ethical conduct.

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Recently there has been increased attention paid to the behaviour of those who call themselves professionals. The framework of professional behaviour considered acceptable at a point in time is an equilibrium among these groups' expectations. This paper argues that shifts in the expectations of any of these groups will disturb this equilibrium. This process of disequilibrium and change leads to altered views of professional behaviour. Professional misconduct or unprofessional behaviour, that is, the failure to meet expectations, is inherent in the underlying framework of a profession.

All types of auditors must follow guidelines promoting ethical conduct. This code of ethics is made up of two sections, the principles and the rules. The principles are the foundation for the honorable behavior expected of CPAs while performing professional duties, whereas the rules provide more detailed guidance. Following are the six principles of the code:. Skip to main content.

Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting is devoted to publishing high-quality research and cases that focus on the professional responsibilities of accountants and how they deal with the ethical issues they face. The series features articles on a broad range of important and timely topics, including professionalism, social responsibility, corporate responsibility, ethical judgments, and accountability. The professional responsibilities of accountants are broad-based; they must serve clients and user groups whose needs, incentives, and goals may be in conflict. Further, accountants must interpret and apply codes of conduct, accounting and auditing principles, and securities regulations. Compliance with professional guidelines is judgment-based, and characteristics of the individual, the culture, and situation affect how these guidelines are interpreted and applied, as well as when they might be violated. Interactions between accountants, regulators, standard setters, and industries also have ethical components. Research into the nature of these interactions, resulting dilemmas, and how and why accountants resolve them is the focus of this journal.

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As a member, you have complimentary access to a video update on the restructured code from the Financial Management Network. Watch now. Get a snapshot of upcoming changes to reporting, auditing, and ethical standards and other developments within the accounting profession. High level snapshots of financial reporting, auditing, and ethics requirements in eight jurisdictions where CPA Australia's members have a significant presence.

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