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Improve Your Health, Wealth And Relationships With Indian Feng Shui - Vastu Shastra Vastu Shastra is the art of arranging your home or work place to work in harmony with the flow of energy that surrounds us on a daily basis and to mimic nature in such a way as to honor it. Much like the Chinese art of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra is becoming an integral part of everyday life for millions of people around the world. When we invest time in our homes and our personal well-being, there are bound to be positive effects with long reaching benefits that bring happiness and peace to our lives. Vastu Shastra may have originated many years ago in India, however, the lessons it teaches are timeless and especially important in the current high-stress society that we live in today. Vastu wisdom teaches us to reunite with the forces of the universe to achieve personal wealth, health, and happiness on a variety of levels that can only happen once we have acknowledged and honored the endless energies that flow through our lives at any given time.

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Show all documents Followers of Feng Shui believe that they can find a better place or create a better living environment through the Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui is not only popular in China and Asia; its popularity also has dramatically increased in Western countries.

Architects, interior designers, and landscape architects in the West have used Feng Shui as a design guideline for pursuing a harmonious living environment for many years. However, the different cultural backgrounds, the lack of basic knowledge of its true principles, and the lack of scientific data have resulted in concerns over the application of Feng Shui in the West.

The purpose of Modern Feng Shui is to help the discipline become easier to adapt and more suitable for the West and to encourage the application of Feng Shui principles into daily life.

However, by trying to simplify its principles, Modern Feng Shui is potentially deviating from the true core wisdom of Feng Shui. Since the popularity of Feng Shui is continuously growing and many different professionals are attempting to apply the discipline to their fields, it is important to understand what is meant by Traditional Feng Shui principles and their core concepts and how to incorporate them.

Exploring Feng Shui: A Real-Time Learning Experience There are two reasons for this choice: first, college students and young workers are educated and open to new ideas.

They also have more familiarities with games of 3D graphics and are more likely to use advanced browsers like the Webkit. It is easier for them to get started and learn new things online. Besides, a USA Today survey found that young adults are the most stressed group of people in western society and I suggest them have much joyful living environments by applying some feng shui tips quickly learnt from this website. It is recognized that no one secret factor is ever considered individually [20].

Consideration needs to be given to all these five factors in a single process and they are always interrelated to each other. To create decision tables for this large number of combinations is not practical in the prototype model, therefore, it is necessary to prioritize these possible outcomes in order to develop a workable prototype model. Xu [6] recognized that the process of prioritization in problem solving similar to the complex characteristics of human Feng Shui experts.

Based on the evaluation of the conceptual framework, rankings of design criteria in four design modules and the structure of the detail dependency diagrams of the four design modules, the priorities in inference are derived for each of the four design modules at the Feng Shui model level [16]. In this study, the prototype design considered the first two highest-ranking. Feng shui is the Ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the environment.

It literally translates into wind and water. Feng shui is often defined as the art of placement because much of it revolves around determining the positive or negative directions for the people, their dwellings, and the relationship between them.

The entire philosophy of Feng shui is based on the concept of yin and yang. Chinese believe that creation can always take place only if two forces which are different characteristic interact.

We find this to be true statement as all creation in nature takes place due to the interaction of male and female counterpart. It is same in both animal and vegetable kingdom. According to Feng shui , heaven is male and earth is female which represented by yang and yin.

The interaction of heaven and earth lead to the formation of wind and water which lies between earth and heaven due to this interaction, a cosmic force created which is called chi. Feng shui , revolve round the philosophy that every building be designed for trapping chi effectively as chi stands for everything in life.

This is the same concept of universal life force which is called Reiki by Japanese, it is same as prana of Hindus and it is bio — plasma or bio —energy of west, everything visible in the universe is seen to liberate chi.

The health concept of Feng shui nothing but a harmonious balance of yin and yang in human body. This balance is achieved with help of five basic elements; these are wood, fire, earth, metal and water by interacting in various ways. Architectural Education Adapting to Climate Challenges in Light of Feng Shui Abstract Weather challenges have become a significant issue for our society in recent years. Thousands of people have lost their homes and lives.

Buildings designed without taking into account wind and water factors have repeatedly been destroyed during natural disasters. These problems in practice reflect the weak points in education. Our ancestors adapted to the climate and built their architecture to respond to nature for survival.

Feng - shui , a Chinese practice, is used to harmonize people with their environment and to advise people to avoid natural disasters. Vernacular houses in many cultures are the precedents of sustainable design. The author has integrated her research into teaching including a lecture course and a senior undergraduate architectural design studio with the theme of adapting to climate challenges.

Using feng - shui as a clue, these courses introduce scientific concepts that emphasize Rocky Mountain geographic conditions and identification of landform patterns in the high impact zones of natural hazards.

Discussions on adapting to climate challenges encompass a wide range, from large scale to small scale; from landscape analysis to architectural design; and from natural disasters to human attitude. With an integrated knowledge base and an emphasis on spatial design, architectural education could contribute to adapting to climate challenges.

Applying a synthesis approach will be the direction of the future of education and practice. Utilizing Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning to Create an Affordable Fully Interactive Prototype of a Full Size Animatronic Figure As it is part of the national ideology, and not considered to be superstition, it plays a significant role in the behavioral patterns and culture of daily life for Chinese people Han, The concept of Feng Shui has been passed down from ancient China, and it emphasizes harmony between inhabitants and the natural environment with heavy consideration on wind, light, plants, landscape, direction, location, soil, mountains, and rivers surrounding the dwelling, and was considered to comprise the scientific rules for building residential structures in ancient times, as well as a domain of knowledge regarding space and the geological environment.

It is an ancient dwelling philosophy that seeks for harmony among heaven, earth and people Wu, It also delves into the small environment of the house from the perspective of the ecological and geological environments Kuo, From the discussion above, it is clear that both green building design and Feng Shui concept accentuate integration with the ecological and natural environment and involve issues related to the living environment, thereby rendering them worthy of deeper study in tandem.

The primary motive for this study is to search out the connection between these two subjects and that more understanding of the Feng Shui issue may also prevent Feng Shui problems from being obstructions for promoting of green building.

With more clarity on the relation between green building design techniques and Feng Shui , we can understand better the common design principles that satisfy both systems.

This would help to facilitate the promotion of green building design while respecting and passing down traditional Feng Shui culture. In India, the North and East are ideal positions for orienting buildings since all positive solar energies come from this direction Vedic Heritage Inc, but in China South ends are appropriate because cold winds and sand dust come from the North Common Floor, The application of Vastu Shastra is determined by the orientation of plot and building, the use of Vastu purusha, utilization of proportional measurement, the six formuli of Vedic architecture, Character and aesthetics Khan The aforementioned factors bear semblance to the Vitruvian principles of architecture.

Vastu Shastra started as a science for the construction of Hindu temples but Feng Shui started as an art of placement of dead bodies to maximize the flow of energy to existing generations Common Floor, Generally, Feng shui seems more popular because of its flexibility in the use of spaces.

Spaces can be manipulated to achieve Feng Shui through the introduction of mirrors or flowers but Vastu Shastra is normally applied right from the beginning of the design Tchi, A building is considered green when design strategies such as the use of green roofs, maximizing natural lighting through fenestrations, fins, skylights, atrium etc. These strategies have the overall objective of maximizing ventilation and natural light.

Laugier, Semper and Vitruvius theories also aim at sustainability and balance between the built environment and the nature. The particular local features of the traditional dwellings, the singular water system and the exquisite carvings make Hongcun outstanding in China.

Further Study on Luo Shu by Linear Algebra now, it can only be treated as an element in recreational mathematics. However, in China, pioneers in Feng Shui study did expand such magic square to up to 36 variations and then further 36 by modern Feng Shui masters living in the southern hemisphere.

It is hoped that up to this stage, the Luo Shu mathematical foundation has been established and researchers could use it to study its application in divination including the Nine Palace Flying Stars Method and Qi Mun Dun Jia Method etc. Research on mechanism of Jin-Shui-Liu-Jun-Jian and Acupoint Application combined therapy for chronic bronchitis pulmonary, renal and spleen. Hence the treatments of chronic bronchitis are mainly focused on drying dampness and resolving phlegm, and nourishing the negative parts of pulmonary and kidney [16,17].

It plays important roles in treatment of deficiency and cold in lung and kidney, insufficient blood, coughing, vomiting and nausea, water flooding to be phlegmy, panting and profuse sputum, etc [18].

Acupoint application operates effects by skin absorbing. When in summertime, human sweat glands and capillaries are generally open.

Blood circulations are prosperous, which make a fast rapid to develop drug effects and more gentle curves of medicine concentrations, thus effects on liver and gastrointestinal tract could be avoid. And medicines functions could be adequately and effectively developed [19,20]. The proportion of employment and signing labor contracts is very high or high, such as: Jiangxi village, Lighthouse Village, Changqing village, Mai Village and Zhenjiang village 5 villages.

Although there are several female labor force employed in several villages, the proportion of employment contracts is not high, such as Shui Dong village, Ping Chu village, Chu Jia Shan village and Bao Zhai village.

Because signing labor employment contract is not only a respect for laborers, but also a protection for workers' rights and interests. Therefore, we need to strengthen the education of rural women's labor force in Guizhou, so that they can understand how to protect their legitimate rights and interests with legal weapons.

Domain Specific Image Captioning Our caption generation system employs a multi- modal topic model from our previous work Ma- son and Charniak, which generates descrip- tive words, but lacks the spatial structure needed to generate a full sentence caption. Other previ- ous work uses topic models to learn the semantic correspondence between images and labels e. Blei and Jordan , but learning from natural language descriptions is considerably more diffi- cult because of polysemy, hypernymy, and mis- alginment between the visual content of an im- age and the content humans choose to describe.

The MixLDA model Feng and Lapata, b; Feng and Lapata, a learns from news images and natural language descriptions, but to generate words for a new image it requires both a query image and query text in the form of a news arti- cle. Berg et al. These particular effects are aligned perfectly with the anti-diabetic effect of FFTSS as obesity often is a condition of diabetic patients.

The broad clinical applications of FFTSS require a systematic study to understand such clinical indications. The panel of biological activities tested in this paper will help to determine the effectiveness, role and possible mechanisms of action of FFTSS in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ecological Evaluation of Landscape Using Feng-Shui Theory at Shandiz Urban Region, NE Iran At the present study due to focus on the form of the landscape units based on Feng - shui method we investigated assigning five geographical elements of the study area and adapting them on the eight trigrams tablet achieving the optimal strategies for the ecological landscape evaluation.

On this basis firstly the central cave spot and four directions are exhibited and finally the spatially adaption of the study area on the Feng - shui are revealed the nine-lattice landscape zones. In this manner the analytic results for all the zones are defined. The optimal strategy and tactical function for the cave center of the region is protective area and eco touristic activities such as education and meditation respectively.

In the back of cave laid on elevated mountainous area is proposed the protective scheme with the fulfilled water wave space which can be provided climatically a good quality in the region. In the front of cave is recommended the conservative gardens due to protect the energetic spot of the study area.

In the left of the cave placed on the Shandiz city is offered to spatial development in the excitation face as commercial exhibitions or other businesses and on the hills in the right side of the cave is proposed pile plantation against the wind flows. The present study tried to address the site analysis and the landscape evaluation with Feng - shui theory by using the shapes and imaginaries of the landforms to reach a protective plan.

Our results revealed that the. Ethnobotany of wild plants used for starting fermented beverages in Shui communities of southwest China Shui informants prepare fermented beverages for house- hold consumption and commercially in small-scale local distilleries.

Small-scale liquor distilleries are distributed widely throughout the study sites and surrounding areas that provide local people with high-quality and relatively affordable local liquor. Wild plants are collected around residences of producers both for when they are prepar- ing beverages for household use as well as for sale in the market.

Jiuqianjiu liquor, like most other local alcoholic beverages in minority areas in China, is still produced with traditional equipment that is not backed by scien- tific knowledge of the process and has little regard for hygiene.

Whereas small-scale manufacture has the ad- vantages of short distribution lines, income generation for families, etc. And they just want an ordinary life. Although financial realities clearly impact travel and transportation choices of these youth, these youth problematize the worldview as a lack of desire.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Vastu Shastra in telugu Vastu Shastra in telugu will help you in making your life happier.

Vastu, the Yoga of Design, is a sister science of Ayurveda. Environmental factors profoundly affect our health. Learn how to work with the five elements and directions to create more supportive and nourishing living and workspaces. Sherri Silverman, PhD, has worked with Vastu clients since She was an adjunct professor at Naropa and other universities, teaching a wide range of subjects. Besides Vastu, her main focus is on being an artist.

Rdg Asgmt 1 Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra : Indian Feng ShuiVasthu Sastra Indian Feng Shui is an ancient Indian science of architecture which assures a dweller health,prosperity, happiness, love, bliss and peace of mind. How to create a "home sweet home" in accordance to the5,year-old Indian science which can still be applied in modern times?

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