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Better decision making using machine learning in oil and gas exploration and production

Remember Me. Register Lost your password? After oil prices crashed in late , investors and lenders throttled back capital availability and forced formerly-profligate energy companies to adopt a more disciplined approach towards spending and development. As a result, the industry has begun to explore applications of machine learning as one tool to help improve productivity and reduce costs throughout the energy value chain [1] , [2] , [3].

In the short term and medium term, DrillingInfo is continuing to enhance its current suite of tools that utilize machine learning. This software not only reduces the time that would otherwise be required to pick intervals by hand on a series of well logs hours or days by hand , but also increases accuracy by reducing the error inherent in visual inspection of well logs by humans.

Especially for large companies that have databases with thousands of well logs, a computer can be trained to identify patterns by correlating log parameters with actual well performance and thereby improve future identification of productive intervals.

DrillingInfo is also continuing to expand its use of machine learning to offer a broader range of products and services for the energy industry. To continue to keep pace with the change in the industry and truly become an indispensable part of the energy value chain, DrillingInfo will need to keep developing new machine learning applications that can help customers solve harder problems.

For example, other startups are currently focusing on machine learning applications that use the terabytes of data generated during drilling to instantaneously adjust drilling parameters such as mud weight and rate of penetration, leading to safer and more productive drilling operations [11]. Otherwise, DrillingInfo runs the risk of remaining a small analytics provider and being disintermediated by its customers.

The switching costs are always high. Second, DrillingInfo will have to contend with rapidly accelerating competition in this sector. To what extent can DrillingInfo remain differentiated in this space, compete with well-resourced companies like Exxon and Chevron as well as nimble startups, and avoid getting disintermediated? Blue-chips back oil industry machine learning start-up.

Big data: Better the devil you know? IoT and digitalization of oil and gas production. Digital transformation in oil and gas: 10 companies to watch. The customer promise of their tool, DI Transform, seems particularly promising.

This combination of capital coffers and proclivity for risk seems, to me, to be the hallmark of Oil and Gas in the United States. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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10 Applications of Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

Kalypso acquired by Rockwell Automation, Inc. Read the press release. Looking for examples of how to apply machine learning to solve real business challenges? Multi-variate analysis and interpretation of reservoir behavior is fundamental to future production forecasts. The challenge is that well productively is heavily affected by completion characteristics, yet the physics of well fluid flow are often unclear, making it difficult to predict production and estimate the ultimate recovery in reservoirs.

Machine Learning in the Oil and Gas Industry

Sign in. Oil and gas is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. Its scope goes beyond providing fuel for transportation and generation of electricity but a multitude of services that support these activities and transactions Lincoln Pratson, Duke University.

Oil and Gas

Machine Learning Guide for Oil and Gas Using Python: A Step-by-Step Breakdown with Data, Algorithms, Codes, and Applications delivers a critical training and resource tool to help engineers understand machine learning theory and practice, specifically referencing use cases in oil and gas. The reference moves from explaining how Python works to step-by-step examples of is utilization in various oil and gas scenarios, such as well testing, shale reservoirs and production optimization. While similar resources are often too mathematical, this book balances theory with applications, including use cases that help solve different data challenges. Petroleum engineers; data scientists; reservoir engineers; production engineers; completion engineers; drilling engineers; data engineers; data enthusiasts; geologists; technical advisors.

Remember Me. Register Lost your password? After oil prices crashed in late , investors and lenders throttled back capital availability and forced formerly-profligate energy companies to adopt a more disciplined approach towards spending and development.

Introducing new learning courses and educational videos from Apress. Start watching. The book begins with a brief discussion of the oil and gas exploration and production life cycle in the context of data flow through the different stages of industry operations. This leads to a survey of some interesting problems, which are good candidates for applying machine and deep learning approaches. The initial chapters provide a primer on the Python programming language used for implementing the algorithms; this is followed by an overview of supervised and unsupervised machine learning concepts. The authors provide industry examples using open source data sets along with practical explanations of the algorithms, without diving too deep into the theoretical aspects of the algorithms employed.

PDF | Data Analytics is an emerging area that involves using advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms to discover information.

Can Machine Learning Help Save the Oil & Gas Industry?

The modern business world is becoming increasingly technology-driven. Many areas, such as healthcare, have been quick to realise the possibilities. After this information has been gathered and analysed modern software applications can construct accurate geological models. This allows operatives to predict, accurately, what is beneath the surface before drilling has begun.

Machine Learning Guide for Oil and Gas Using Python

Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry explains how machine learning can be specifically tailored to oil and gas use cases. Petroleum engineers will learn when to use machine learning, how it is already used in oil and gas operations, and how to manage the data stream moving forward. Practical in its approach, the book explains all aspects of a data science or machine learning project, including the managerial parts of it that are so often the cause for failure.

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