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Employee training and development is an indispensable part of human resource function and management.

The Difference between Training and Development.

These are the four differences that will help you to distinguish between these two concepts and which you must always take into account when talking about training or development:. Some human resource experts explain the differences between training and development very simply: the first thinks about the present and the second about the future. In general, training faces an immediate challenge and teaches the knowledge or skills needed by company employees in a short period of time one day, one week, several months. It could be a course to improve the communication skills of employees, a conference to explain the protocol for returning a product or a class to use the Excel program. On the other hand, development focuses on the long term. Human resource managers propose a strategy to put in place over several months or years, comprising a set of initiatives that are expected to bear fruit over a long period of time.

Training and development encompasses three main activities: training, education, and development. Garavan, Costine, and Heraty, of the Irish Institute of Training and Development, note that these ideas are often considered to be synonymous. However, to practitioners, they encompass three separate, although interrelated, activities:. Search this site. Job Sites in USA. Job Sites in UK. Job Sites in Malaysia.

The terms training and development are used in human resource management. Although they seem to refer to the same practice, detailed analysis shows that there are differences between the two words. Training is the process of equipping employees in a specific organization with specific skills, competency, and knowledge so that they can be able to handle various tasks. Training practices are mostly done to new employees so, that they can familiarize themselves with the operations of the entity. Development is the process through which organizations equip employees with skills and knowledge to the extent that they can have steady growth and they can handle any job that is offered by the agency. Moreover, development is undertaken to help individual employees within the premises of the organization to have management skills after proving themselves at junior levels. The primary difference between training and development is that training aims to ensure that employees of the organization are equipped with skills and knowledge so, that they can be able to handle specific jobs in the company.

The 4 main differences between training and development

Attempts to discuss the concepts of training, development, education and learning with regard to employees in terms of their substantive differences. Concludes that it is perhaps more appropriate to view training, development and education as an integrated whole with the concept of learning as the glue which holds them together. Garavan, T. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

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Read this article to learn about the meaning and distinction between training, development and education! There is nothing wrong if the CEO of a company after going through this chapter, you will expects quality work performance from his employees, current and potential. If workers and employees are good and not performing up to the mark, they need to be trained to raise their level of skill, knowledge and versatility. The complexity of jobs increases the need for training.

These two words Training and Development and their difference plays a very prominent role for new and existing employees.

Difference between Training and Development

The words training and development are mostly used together in the corporate world and are seen as activities focused on improving the knowledge, performance and productivity of the employees. However, there is a distinct difference between their meanings and implications, which are often overlooked by a majority of professionals. Training programs are organized by the organization to develop employees' knowledge and skills as per their job requirements. On the other side, development is not directly related to job requirement, rather it aims at the generic development of the individual employees for the long run.

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Main Differences between Training and Development. Points, Training, Development. 1. Definition, Training is the process of teaching employees the basic skills.

What is Training or Development?

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    Development is a long-term educational process utilizing an organized and systematic procedure by which managerial personnel learns conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purpose.