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So Heat is the form of energy which is associated with the motion of molecules or atoms. The heat transfer takes place from the high-temperature body to low-temperature body.

Worksheet Methods Of Heat Transfer Answer Key

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The lower mantle or the 'Mesosphere' comprises of rocks that are compressed at high pressure and temperature. The upper mantle is, as the name suggests; the uppermost part of the mantle sitting below the crust. Within this region, resides the Asthenosphere and Lithosphere Paterson, Earth's CrustThe outer layer of the Earth, is the 'Crust'. Continental Crust is complex in its composition and comprises mostly of granitic rocks, and is rich in Silica.

The Oceanic Crust is a lot less dense and is composed of dark volcanic rock or 'basalt' Paterson, A modern view of the Earth's internal layers, p. Differences of Heat and TemperatureIt is important to distinguish the difference between heat and temperature, to understand better; geothermal heat transfer. Processes of Heat Transfer From Hotter to Cooler RegionsThe three main methods or processes of heat transfer Conduction, Convection and, Radiation , are understood to be the way in which heat is transferred internally, and externally from hotter to cooler regions of the Earth.

Heat is transferred through these various and interconnected processes that work together to transfer heat in and around the Earth. Thermal conduction is described as being the transfer of the kinetic energy within atomsfrom hotter molecules to colder molecules bonded atoms. Within this process, heat energy hotter atoms move from a hotter point of origin toward a cooler region,.

Hotter atoms 'vibrate' causing their neighbouring atoms to likewise vibrate. These atoms do not actually 'move away', rather they 'vibrate' around. The affected molecules are commonly referred to by Geoscientists as 'conduction molecules' and this takes place primarily within solid rock material within the Earth's mantle and crust. The hot temperatures of the Earth's mantle are attributed predominately to the heat conduction from the Earth's core Lumen Learning, Conduction can however, take place in either solid or fluid.

In this process, heat flow continues from the origin point of warmer locations to cooler regions and this occurs until such time that these regions are balanced out to the same temperature Lumen Learning, ;Hanania et al.

Hotter molecules or particles, seek to move toward cooler regions until such time that the heat transfer has created a balanced temperature across both regions Hanania et al.

It is the flow of hot material that transfers this heat. Hotter molecules in this process are often referred to as 'convective cells'. Heat Convection primarily takes place within the Earth's core and mantle resulting in the creation of the Earth's magnetic field Lemmons, ;Paterson, Convection is often explained using the analogy of water boiling in a pot on a stovetop.

Heat energy initiates from the bottom of pot or stove top itself likening this to the planet's mantle and as the heat energy rapidly vibrates hotter particles towards cooler molecules of water within the pot, decreasing the waters' density, causing it to rise and eventually settle once the heat energy has been transferred to the entire contents of the pot creating a balanced temperature.

Convection currents within the Earth's mantle, are formed as a result of heat energy being transferred through vibrated hotter particles in the Earth's core Lumen Learning, ;Ricketts, n. Radiation or 'radiant heat' is defined as "…the transfer of energy between two objects through electromagnetic waves" Lumen Learning, Monteith and Unsworth explain; " …the energy of radiation is derived from the vibration and rotation of individual atoms within the molecular structure….

The amount of radiant energy emitted by an individual atom or molecule is equal to the decrease in the potential energy of its constituents" As radiation moves through electromagnetic waves, unlike conduction and convection which relies on solely of the interaction of these hotter particles , solar radiation can be felt regardless of the great distance the heat energy waves travels some ,, kms to reach the Earth's atmosphere "BBC -GCSE: Transferring heat energy", Radiation as it applies to discussion transference of heat from hotter to cooler regions on Earth, is generally in reference to Solar Radiation.

This occurs within Earth's atmosphere as a result of the Sun being the source or origin of this heat energy. The radiant-heat energy in the Earth's " 5 atmosphere includes light, and it does not require a solid body to carry or distribute it, but rather; it is transferred through electromagnetic radiationelectromagnetic waves in which electromagnetic particles travel.

These particles attract and emit radiant heat energy Hanania et al. Concerning Radiation, this is primarily concentrated at the Earth's surface crust and atmosphere. Below, Figure 2. Oklahoma Climatological Survey Related Papers. Earth Science 1. By lucelle balibol. Human Co2 impossible to cover the planet at 0. By James G Matkin. By Jennifer Baladad. By Lorey Bondoc.

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Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation

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Thermal conduction, convection, and radiation

Showing top 8 worksheets in the category conduction convection radiation. A comprehensive database of more than 27 heat transfer quizzes online, test your knowledge with heat transfer quiz questions. Heat transfer is a part of thermal engineering that deals with the generation, use, conversion, and exchange of thermal energy between physical systems. Some of the worksheets displayed are Work methods of heat transfer conduction, Work methods of heat transfer conduction, Work methods of heat transfer conduction, Heat transfer quiz study guide, What is heat quiz answer key, Lesson 5 conduction convection radiation, Science grade 7 blizzard bag assignment, Heat transfer conduction. The unifying theme is the application of systems engineering provided in Thermal erally and shows the interrelated roles of thermody- systems involve the storage, transfer, and conversion of en- namics, fluid mechanics, and.

Heat Transfer Heat always moves from a warmer place to a cooler place. Hot objects in a cooler room will cool to room temperature. Cold objects in a warmer room will heat up to room temperature. As you heat the metal, the particles vibrate, these vibrations make the adjacent particles vibrate, and so on and so on, the vibrations are passed along the metal and so is the heat.

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The Three Mechanisms of Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

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