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bytes byte kilobyte questions and answers pdf

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Activity Guide - Bytes and File Sizes. What is a byte? A byte is a unit of data that is 8 bits long. Larger Chunks of Data: On modern computers the amount of information we can create and store has grown so large that we need new units of measurement to describe the size of our data.

Lesson 1: Bytes and File Sizes

In this lesson students are introduced to the standard units for measuring the sizes of digital files, from a single byte, all the way up to terabytes and beyond. Students are introduced to the units kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte, and research the sizes of files they make use of every day, using the appropriate terminology. This lesson foreshadows an investigation of compression as a means for combatting the rapid growth of digital data. And many computer systems will require you store even more than that. Messages sent over the Internet are also typically structured as messages with byte-offsets. Paralleling the explosion of computing power and speed, the sheer size of the digital data now created and consumed every day is staggering. Units of measure terabytes that previously seemed unfathomably large are now making their way into personal computing.


These terms are usually used in the world of computing to describe disk space, or data storage space, and system memory. For instance, just a few years ago we were describing hard drive space using the term Megabytes. Today, Gigabytes is the most common term being used to describe the size of a hard drive. In the not so distant future, Terabyte will be a common term. But what are they?

Vedantu academic counsellor will be calling you shortly for your Online Counselling session. Related Questions. Memory in computers is measured in kilobytes, gigabytes and terabytes. How many bytes are in 1 gigabyte and 1 terabyte? Answer Verified.

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Computer Hope - How much is 1 byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, etc.? You can either research these answers online or check the size of actual files .pdf file. 5 pages, 20kb. Audio file gaspdg.org3. 2 minuets, 2mb. movie file such as The first 3 questions here are from:​gigabytes.

Computer Objective Questions with Answers Pdf - 1

Byte , the basic unit of information in computer storage and processing. A byte consists of 8 adjacent binary digits bits , each of which consists of a 0 or 1. The string of bits making up a byte is processed as a unit by a computer; bytes are the smallest operable units of storage in computer technology.

Explanation: A process is a program that is executed by the threads. It consists of multiple threads of execution. Explanation: The word processing feature that catches most random typographical errors and misspellings is known as spell checker. Explanation: The smallest unit of the information is a bit.

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Kilobytes Megabytes Gigabytes Terabytes

The size of information in the computer is measured in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes. In this section, we'll look at common sizes you would see in real life and learn how to reason about various numbers of bytes. Kilobyte or KB Kilobyte KB - about 1 thousand bytes As we know, 1 byte is one typed character - see below for why the phrase "about 1 thousand" is required here An email without images is about 2 KB A five page paper might be KB Text is compact, requiring few bytes compared to images or sound or video e. A page of ordinary Roman alphabetic text takes about 2 kilobytes to store about one byte per letter. A typical short email would also take up just 1 or 2 kilobytes. Text is one of the most naturally compact types of data at about one byte required to store each letter.

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Computer Mania Series : 15 Questions from previous papers (Part 28)

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    In this section, we'll look at common sizes you would see in real life and learn how to reason about various Kilobyte KB - about 1 thousand bytes; As we know​, 1 byte is one typed character Kilobyte / Megabyte / Gigabyte Word Problems.

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    the class so that all students will have the correct answers. Ask students with the correct responses for Question 2 to explain to the class how they converted the Define the terms bit, nibble, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. ®.

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    Computer Mania Series: 15 Questions from previous papers (Part 28). Facebook b) Bit c) Kilobyte d) Byte e) None of these. Q6. How many megabytes make gigabyte? a) b) Download Computer Awareness Book PDF. Answers. 1. Kilobyte 2. Megahertz 3. megabytes 4. Binary 5. Byte 6.

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