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farm machinery and equipment pdf

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Machinery such as tractors and power tools, pose the greatest injury risk on the farm. Nation-wide in there were 1, deaths and , disabling injuries in the profession of agriculture. It is important to be safety conscious when dealing with any job that requires the use of machinery. Statistics show that the majority of machinery related accidents occur as the result of human negligence. Errors include taking shortcuts to save time, failure to read the operators manual, ignoring a warning, improper or lack of instruction and failure to follow safety rules. The most commonly utilized pieces of equipment around the farm are tractors, trucks, wagons, mowers, spreaders, grinders, blowers, augers, post hole diggers, shredders, balers, rakes, combines, and all-terrain vehicles ATVs. No matter how different they are in structure, they all, if used improperly or carelessly, can be fatal.

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Farm Machinery and Equipment-I 3(2+1)

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PDF | On Mar 15, , Jagvir Dixit published Farm Machinery and Equipment-I (​Practical Manual) | Find, read and cite all the research you.

Agricultural Machinery

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Farm Machinery and Equipment Safety Part I: Recognizing and Understanding the Hazards

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Farm Machinery and Equipment Safety Part I: Recognizing and Understanding the Hazards

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Why are agricultural machinery and equipment important? • Hundreds of years ago, the population was made up of primarily farmers and ranchers. • Now, a very​.


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