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Ezziane, Z. International Journal of Health Policy and Management , 3 7 , Zoheir Ezziane.

Home Documents. If South Africa could also help to lead the rest of the continent to reach its own standards where these are high, Africa would be on an accelerated path to greater economic might.

Contexto int. ISSN The group BRIC was created in to bring together the major emerging countries of the world. Its accession to the group, however, is puzzling, since South Africa is much smaller than the other BRICS in terms of its economy, territory and population.

African agency? Africa, South Africa and the BRICS

Contexto int. ISSN The group BRIC was created in to bring together the major emerging countries of the world. Its accession to the group, however, is puzzling, since South Africa is much smaller than the other BRICS in terms of its economy, territory and population.

Why was South Africa invited to join the group? This article argues that to answer that question it is necessary to consider the symbolic dimension of the group. Even though the group may be useful for both enhancing relations between its members and coordinating their positions in multilateral forums, BRICS countries aim primarily at using BRICS as a symbol of the greater relevance of the 'Global South' in comparison to the 'Global North'.

Although the status of South Africa as representative of Africa is controversial, this article argues that South Africa is the best suited country to perform this role. This is due to two factors: South Africa has a more mature economy than other major African countries and it has a soft power that no other African country possesses. The article comes to these conclusions by both analysing the interests of each BRIC country in being a member of the group and examining their positions on the admittance of South Africa into it.

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BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

Four out of five members are among the world's ten largest countries by population and by area , except for South Africa, the twenty-fourth in both. In the aftermath of the Yekaterinburg summit, the BRIC nations announced the need for a new global reserve currency , which would have to be "diverse, stable and predictable. However, this loan was conditional on IMF voting reforms. China, holder of the world's largest foreign exchange reserves and contributes the bulk of the currency pool, wants a more significant managing role, said one BRICS official. China also wants to be the location of the reserve. We know that China wants more," said a Brazilian official. The Brazilian finance minister, Guido Mantega , stated that the fund would be created by March

The BRICs and Africa: Emerging Markets and South-South Cooperation

A new Scramble has hit the African continent. This Scramble has many drivers: the Deng Xiao Ping liberalizations in China; the collapse of the Soviet empire; the ICT revolution; the ease of global communications. The underlying dynamic is the end of the bipolar world of the Cold War and its replacement with multipolarity. Russia will be 15th below its old rival, Turkey. One has to ask, why?

The Role of BRICS in the Developing World

Read more about South Africa's participation. The changing global environment has seen a greater political and economic role for the BRICS and other emerging powers. South Africa remains committed to the consolidation of the African Agenda and will use its BRICS membership to increase strategic cooperation among emerging market economies of the South in support of this agenda.

South-South Cooperation pp Cite as. Since the s, with the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, there has been a re-balancing in global politics and economics and the impact has been felt in Africa as well. The mineral-rich continent has seen major changes as the older patrons, no longer having Cold War interests, have abandoned their clients, who, in many cases, were removed from office. There is now relatively more democratization and peace across Africa, as well as economic growth. South Africa SA and others are currently being projected as part of the next group of emerging markets N by Goldman Sachs Wilson and Stupnytska, Countries with resources can now negotiate terms and get the most favourable rates because of intense competition and demand for their resources as they are no longer dependent on Western multinationals.

South Africa under the ANC and its alliance with the BRICS promised a more moral, democratic vision of global governance, but in practice its foreign policy has been too often swayed by narrow commercial interests and short-term growth. For the past decade, Africa has experienced the longest continuous growth spurt since independence from colonialism. The African boom has been fueled mostly by a mining boom, with income generated by the export of natural resources financing a consumer boom. The seemingly unlimited appetite for African commodities from the fast-growing emerging markets mainly the BRICS countries, such as China and India, have been among the key drivers of African growth. Brazil sells manufactured products to Africa such as vehicles, machinery and processed goods as well as agricultural goods such as diary products, meat and sugar. Brazil has used its cultural affinity to Africa, its large African-origin population and its language ties with Lusophone Africa, as a competitive advantage.

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