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advances in orebody modelling and strategic mine planning pdf

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This book presents a collection of papers on topics in the field of strategic mine planning, including orebody modeling, mine-planning optimization and the optimization of mining complexes. Elaborating on the state of the art in the field, it describes the latest technologies and related research as well as the applications of a range of related technologies in diverse industrial contexts.

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An integrated pit-to-plant approach using technological models for strategic mine planning of copper and gold deposits. The strategic mine plan is a crucial step for the success of mining companies, and for its development, it is necessary to use a number of inter-related variables that are usually estimated independently. These variables include operational data that is traditionally isolated in information islands between the different departments in the mine or they are consolidated into individual models. This reduces the holistic view of the deposit, thereby causing a negative impact on the results of the strategic planning itself. In order to accomplish this, a new methodology is proposed for the creation of a technological model. This model can be interpreted as the consolidation of the different models required for a better understanding of the geological and technical information of the deposit. This concept was developed and applied at a copper and gold mine site located in Brazil.

Advances in Applied Strategic Mine Planning

Frank Ferrie Dept. European Journal of Operational Research 3 , , Advances in applied strategic mine planning, , International Journal of Surface Mining 18 2 , , Moving forward from traditional optimization: grade uncertainty and risk effects in open-pit design R Dimitrakopoulos, CT Farrelly, M Godoy Mining Technology 1 , ,

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The Institute is not responsible as a body for the facts and opinions advanced in any of its publications. These and other issues add complexity and uncertainty to the already challenging domains of orebody modelling and strategic mine planning, which are arguably the backbone of our industry. This publication presents the latest advances, technologies, practices and concerns in strategic mine planning and orebody modelling, thus updating the developments and applications reported in the remarkably successful Spectrum Series 14 and its second revised edition in

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Presidential Address: Optimization in underground mine planning- developments and opportunities. The application of mining-specific and generic optimization techniques in the mining industry is deeply rooted in the discipline of operations research OR. Its development continued during and after World War II. The application of OR techniques to optimization in the mining industry started to emerge in the early s. Since then, optimization techniques have been applied to solve widely different mine planning problems. Mine planning plays an important role in the mine value chain as operations are measured against planned targets in order to evaluate operational performance. An optimized mine plan is expected to be sufficiently robust to ensure that actual outcomes are close or equal to planned targets, provided that variances due to poor performance are minimal.

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Advances in Applied Strategic Mine Planning

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Part I. Early Concerns and Innovative Responses 1. Monkhouse, G. Yeates 2. Optimal Mining Principles Brett King 3. Whittle 4. Stone, G.

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