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difference between ac and dc current in hindi pdf

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Most of the examples dealt with so far, and particularly those utilizing batteries, have constant voltage sources. Once the current is established, it is thus also a constant.

What is Alternating Current (AC)?

Direct current DC is the one directional flow of electric charge. An electrochemical cell is a prime example of DC power. Direct current may flow through a conductor such as a wire, but can also flow through semiconductors , insulators , or even through a vacuum as in electron or ion beams. The electric current flows in a constant direction, distinguishing it from alternating current AC. A term formerly used for this type of current was galvanic current. The abbreviations AC and DC are often used to mean simply alternating and direct , as when they modify current or voltage.

The conducting materials have free electrons which move from one atom to another when the potential difference is applied across them. This flow of electrons in a closed circuit is called current. On the basis of the direction of movement of electrons in a closed circuit, the electric current is mainly classified into two types, i. One of the major differences between the alternating and direct current is that in alternating current the polarity and the magnitude of the current changes at the regular interval of time whereas in direct current it remains constants. Some of the differences are explained below in the form of the comparison chart by considering the various factors;. Basis Alternating current Direct current Definition The direction of the current reverse periodically. The direction of the current remain same.

Direct current

Electric current is a flow of electric charge through a conductive medium. In electric circuits this charge is often carried by moving electrons in a wire. It can also be carried by ions in an electrolyte. The reason of the charged particles movement is an electric voltage. Free charged particles move from places with high concentration to places with low concentration. If there is an electric voltage potential difference , free charged particles start to move in the direction from the place of the highest electric potential to the place of the lowest electric potential. The movement of free charged particles negative or positive from the place of highest electric potential to the place of lowest electric potential is called electric current.

Mobile phone ki battery konse current ki supply krti hai. Aapne mobile phone ke pcb per small parts me jana ki bahut se parts AC or DC current ko supply or filter krte hai. Aaj ki post me hum aapko sikhane ja rahe hai ki electric current kya hai or current ki si unit kya hai. AC or DC current kya hai or yah mobile phone me kaise karya krte hai. Electric current ko kisme mapa jata hai. Mobile repairing me aapko repairing se related hare ek pehlu ko bareeki se sikhna hoga. Current or Electric Current Kya hai?

DC is the kind of electricity made by a battery with definite positive and negative terminals , or the kind of charge generated by rubbing certain types of materials against each other. Certain sources of electricity most notably, rotary electromechanical generators naturally produce voltages alternating in polarity, reversing positive and negative over time. Whereas the familiar battery symbol is used as a generic symbol for any DC voltage source, the circle with the wavy line inside is the generic symbol for any AC voltage source. One might wonder why anyone would bother with such a thing as AC. It is true that in some cases AC holds no practical advantage over DC. In applications where electricity is used to dissipate energy in the form of heat, the polarity or direction of current is irrelevant, so long as there is enough voltage and current to the load to produce the desired heat power dissipation. However, with AC it is possible to build electric generators, motors and power distribution systems that are far more efficient than DC, and so we find AC being used predominantly across the world in high power applications.

What Is Alternating Current (AC)?. The difference between DC and AC is fundamental knowledge concerning power electronics. AC. There Is N.

What Is The Difference Between AC and DC?

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AC और DC Current क्या है Mobile Phone में कौनसा Current Supply होता है ?

Difference between AC and DC

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    AC and DC welding are forms of arc welding that use different currents to produce an electric arc.