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individual discrete and continuous series in statistics pdf

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There are several kinds of mean in mathematics , especially in statistics :. For a data set , the arithmetic mean , also known as average or arithmetic average, is a central value of a finite set of numbers: specifically, the sum of the values divided by the number of values. The arithmetic mean of a set of numbers x 1 , x 2 ,

Cross Validated is a question and answer site for people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization. It only takes a minute to sign up. Discrete data can only take particular values.

Discrete vs continuous data

The classification of data as a frequency distribution has an inherent shortcoming. While it summarises the raw data making it concise and comprehensible, it does not show the details that are found in raw data. There is a loss of information in classifying raw data though much is gained by summarising it as a classified data. Once the data are grouped into classes, an individual observation has no significance in further statistical calculations. For example : the class 20—30 contains 6 obervations : 25, 25, 20, 22, 25 and So when these data are grouped as a class 20—30 in the frequency distribution,the latter provides only the number of records in that class i. All values in this class are assumed to be equal to the middle value of teh class interval or class mark i.

How to Calculate the Mode in 2 different Series?

We shall continue our discussion on frequency distributions in this article by moving on to Frequency Distributions of Discrete and Continuous Variables. Table No. For a continuous variable if we take a class for each distinct value of the variable, the number of classes will become unduly large, thus defeating the purpose of tabulation. In fact, since a continuous variable can assume an infinite number of values within its range of variation, the classification or sub-division of such data is necessarily artificial. Some guidelines that should be followed while dividing continuous data into classes are as follows:. Let us consider the following example regarding daily maximum temperatures in in a city for 50 days.

Around this value, there is high concentration of the values. It is neither the central value nor the total sum of series which makes any effect on it. Every distribution cannot have a unique value of Mode. It can have two or even more than two modal values. The terms are arranged in any order. Ascending or Descending.

Earn a free Open University digital badge if you complete this course, to display and share your achievement. Anyone can learn for free on OpenLearn, but signing-up will give you access to your personal learning profile and record of achievements that you earn while you study. Start this free course now. Just create an account and sign in. Enrol and complete the course for a free statement of participation or digital badge if available. Discrete data is information that can only take certain values.

Statistics - Harmonic Mean of Discrete Series

In statistics, data is defined as the facts and figures collected together for the purpose of analysis. It is divided into two broad categories, qualitative data, and quantitative data. Further, the qualitative data is cannot be measured in terms of numbers and it is sub-divided into nominal and ordinal data.

Frequency Distribution of Discrete and Continuous Variables

The similarity is that both of them are the two types of quantitative data also called numerical data. However, in practice, many data mining and statistical decisions depend on whether the basic data is discrete or continuous. If you have quantitative data, like a number of workers in a company, could you divide every one of the workers into 2 parts? The answer is absolutely NOT. Because the number of workers is discrete data. Discrete data is a count that involves integers. Only a limited number of values is possible.

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Statistics - Standard Deviation of Continuous Data Series

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Difference Between Discrete and Continuous Data

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